With this simple trick you will quickly eliminate the smell of urine from your bathroom. No more embarrassment with visits

It’s no secret to anyone that the bathroom is one of the parts of the home that can accumulate the most germs. That is why housewives do so much to keep this place spotless and hygienic. Even so, they can continue to accumulate many germs. But why does so much dirt accumulate in bathrooms? Just think about what we normally do in the bathroom and you will know the answer. This is the place where we go to remove the dirt ourselves.

When we finish bathing or relieving ourselves, all the germs will stay there. Therefore, if you are not careful, bathrooms may give off very strong odors. Furthermore, the fact that it is a fairly humid place does not contribute to the removal of dirt. However, you don’t have to lose your mind if something similar is happening to you. On the contrary, we want to make your cleaning job easier. Therefore, we will tell you about some tricks that you can use to have better results, with them you will leave your bathroom clean and free of bad odors.

Check the toilet tank

If you have already cleaned the toilet and the floor, and there is still a strong smell, the only thing you need to check is the toilet tank. This part of the toilet is always damp, so it can generate bad odors. Remove the lid using gloves and scrape the inside of the tank with a brush using vinegar. This will kill germs, disinfect the tank, and eliminate bad odors from your bathroom.

Check that there is no leak

Sometimes the silicone that covers the toilet’s water outlet wears out. As a result, water begins to leak out of the edges of the floor. If you find that the silicone that joins the toilet to the floor has defects, it is best to add a little more.

Deep cleaning

You can deep clean your bathroom by creating your own homemade cleaner. To do this, mix 1 part baking soda with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and several drops of apple cider vinegar. After mixing these ingredients very well, you will use it to clean the faucets, floor, and plastic mats in the bathroom.

Remove items from the bathroom

When bad smells come out of the bathroom, they are probably coming from some old items. These items could be sponges, brushes, floor cloths, etc. As these spend a lot of time in the bathroom, they will begin to accumulate humidity and bad odors. Therefore, you should frequently change these items or wash them, as appropriate. Apart from following the aforementioned tips, you can prepare your own bathroom odor absorber. Below we explain everything step by step.

What we will need:

  • Cloves (5 units)
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Glass jar

Preparation and use mode:

To begin, you must fill the glass jar halfway with baking soda. Now, you will add the cloves along with some essential oil of your choice. Then, you will cover the mouth of the jar with a piece of tulle or some similar fabric and secure it with an elastic band.

Now, you simply have to put the bottle somewhere in your bathroom so that it absorbs bad odors. But this trick, in addition to eliminating bad odors, will give your bathroom a fresh and clean aroma. You can also use this for any room or other place in your house. As you can see, it is very easy to eliminate bad odors from any part of your house. If you apply these tips, you will never again be embarrassed because your house smells bad. On the contrary, you will feel confident, because it will always be clean and with a fragrant aroma.