With this tip your house will stop smelling bad: you only need 2 ingredients

With just two ingredients, your home will never stop smelling for a moment: try this special method now.

In today’s modern and technological world, people often use unnatural products to scent their homes. We make the same mistake with all the products we buy, without thinking about their totally chemical and unhealthy composition. Cleaning experts wanted to test some methods and reveal a secret, because with only two ingredients you can get an excellent scent at a low price.

How can you make your house always fragrant?

It is important to ventilate and clean the house, as well as using only natural products to scent the rooms. Personal taste is important, but the use of chemical fragrances is not recommended at all.

To avoid polluting the environment and spending a fortune, essential oils come to the rescue. A few drops on a cotton ball can spread a delicious fragrance throughout your home.
The advice is to prefer citrus or sweet notes, avoiding strong notes that can be cloying.

Not only that, but those who love the aroma of coffee can simply let the scent wafts through the house as they prepare it. Or, by placing the beans in jute bags, you can enjoy the fantastic aroma for a long time.
For those who love strong notes, incense is a natural perfumer, as are candles of different fragrances. If you want a good, long-lasting scent, experts suggest trying this blend of ingredients right away.

2 ingredients: the expert method

By combining just a few ingredients, you can get a delightful product for the home, with a fragrance that helps leave rooms fresh and with a custom scent. Ideal for all seasons, this natural fragrance also acts as a natural repellent.

The ingredients are as follows:

Rock Salt ;

Half cup softener

Alcohol 1 tablespoon;

A handful of cloves to taste;

A container, preferably glass.

Preparing this natural perfume is easy, simply pour all the ingredients together in the small glass bowl. Start with the coarse salt, then add the fabric softener, mix and add the alcohol. Mix for another 15 minutes or until smooth.

Add some cloves and mix, then place the remaining cloves on top of the created substance.

The natural perfumer has just been created with a combination of ingredients that make all the difference. The salt is great for absorbing moisture and odors, while the fabric softener makes the whole house smell great. Cloves activate the fragrance for at least a week.

In fact, once a week you should change the perfumer by recreating it as described above.