Yellowed plastic trays, the foolproof method to degrease them in just a few seconds

Yellowed trays

Plastic trays usually turn yellow but there is a foolproof remedy to make them look new again. Here’s how to do it.

Plastic containers are very versatile containers, useful for workers and students who have to carry lunch with them. But not only that, they are also often used to preserve some already cooked foods such as ragù or vegetables.

However, they get dirty very easily and yellowish marks are created on the inside despite frequent washing. This happens precisely because of the fats that foods contain. However, there is a quick method to remove these marks and make the containers look like new again. Some remedies are listed below.

Yellowed trays: this is how they look like new again

What you should do is take the yellowish container and pour some absorbent paper inside with a little liquid dish soap and warm water. Then you have to close the container and shake well. Once this step is done, open the container and tear the sheet of absorbent paper into pieces and then shake again.

Plastic tray

This process will allow the absorbent paper to absorb all the water. After about 60 seconds you should remove all the absorbent paper and pour the remaining liquid down the drain. Then rinse the container well and it will be like new without the yellow marks that are so ugly to look at.

Remedies for yellowed plastic

After a certain time, plastic tends to yellow due to frequent use. The causes may be substances present in the air such as cigarette smoke or sun exposure. In fact, it is very likely that garden furniture will change color over time.

However, it is possible to use specific products to whiten plastic . An example is a mixture of bleach and baking soda with cold water . Rub the yellowish part with a well-wrung abrasive sponge and leave it to act for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat the operation several times until you obtain a good result. It takes a lot of patience.

However, if the objects to be cleaned are smaller, they can be immersed directly in a container filled with water with two measuring spoons of hydrogen peroxide after having previously washed them with liquid dish soap. Let it soak for a few hours and then rinse and let it dry in the open air, but not in direct sun.

outdoor living room

For plastic garden furniture , such as sofas, tables and chairs, there is still another remedy. These objects are usually white and give that extra touch to the garden, but precisely because they are outdoors they tend to spoil much more quickly.

A better method to clean them is with water and Marseille soap. Scrub outdoor furniture well with a sponge and then rinse. Then dry the entire surface with a microfiber cloth.

But in addition to Marseille soap, you can also prepare a mixture with three parts vinegar and seven parts water and then proceed in the same way as with soap. There are also specific products on the market to make outdoor furniture look new again. They are true detergents that protect against the chemical reaction caused by sunlight.