700 g strawberries
1 tbsp sugar
250 g sweetened condensed milk
500 g cream


First wash the strawberries and dry them on a kitchen towel. Remove the flower base and halve the strawberries.
Then mix the strawberries with the sugar in the baking dish. Set the oven to 160 °C top/bottom heat. Put the mold in the oven (middle) and roast the strawberries for 60 minutes. Stir after 30 minutes.

The strawberries are ready when the juice has reduced to a thick syrup. Pour the strawberries into a blender cup and puree them finely with a hand blender.
Pour the strawberry puree into a mixing bowl and let it cool. Then cool completely in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Add the condensed milk to the strawberries and beat until fluffy using the beaters of a hand mixer for 2 minutes.

Next, beat the cream in another mixing bowl for about 3 minutes until stiff. Add 2 tablespoons of the cream to the strawberry mixture and fold in carefully.
Fold another 2 tablespoons of cream into the strawberry mixture.

Add the remaining cream and fold in gently.

Now pour the ice cream mixture into a freezer container and spread it evenly. Use a kitchen spatula to gently press out any trapped air bubbles by applying light pressure to the surface.
Ice crystals can form in trapped air bubbles and destroy the creaminess of the ice cream.

Place the mold in the ice compartment and chill for 12 to 18 hours. If you refrigerate for a longer period of time, the ice cream will become firmer and you will need to let it soften a little at room temperature for 3-5 minutes.