You can’t sleep on pillows full of stains: I’ll tell you the secret to cleaning them thoroughly

Pillow full of yellow stains? Here’s how to get rid of them forever: It takes a few steps and a few cents. that’s how it works

Going to bed in the evening after a hard day at work or studying is one of the rewards that gives us the most satisfaction, and doing it in clean and fragrant sheets is even better. However, often the pillows remain stained even after the laundry has just been washed, but why does this happen?

They are usually yellow and stand out immediately, which is quite annoying. But is it so difficult to get rid of them and keep the pillows looking as white as they once were? Not at all! There is a little trick that is really effective in treating yellowed bed pillows and today we will tell you what it is.

Pillows full of stains: how to clean them and prevent yellowing
Pillows full of yellow stains are nothing but the result of sweat . Both in winter and summer, it is not uncommon for sweating to occur at night and the sweat ends up all over the sheets, especially in the head area and therefore on the pillows .

Night after night, all the mineral salts released by the body are deposited on the fibers and turn into real yellow halos. It is a very common phenomenon that must be treated correctly, otherwise the stains will not disappear if you “just” put the pillows in the washing machine. You could say that there is special treatment.


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Initially, only one pillow should be inserted per wash cycle and baking soda should be added to the usual detergent, adjusting the laundry specified on the label, taking into account the temperature. It is important that it is not too hot, maximum 40 degrees , to prevent high temperatures from fixing the pigments of the stains on the fabric.

What if the pillow doesn’t fit in the washing machine? No problem. Wash it by hand and soak it in water and citric acid (150 grams per liter of water) for a few hours . Then simply rinse and the stains are gone.

Finally, for pillows that cannot be washed, a dry treatment can be performed. In a bowl you can add baking soda with drops of tea tree oil to create a kind of full-bodied cream that you spread on the stains and rub lightly with the help of a cloth brush and then let it dry completely and finally remove the residue.

In any case, you can try to prevent yellow sweat stains from forming on your bed pillows. What? Prevent sweat from settling on their surface. The remedy is very simple: use a pillowcase placed between the pillow and the sheet pillowcase and changed frequently to protect the pillow from the annoying yellow stains.