You will never see the dirty floor and black grout lines again: stay spotless

Dirty floor and black grout: what can be done to solve this problem? We will talk about this in this article, where we will present an effective remedy to get rid of a dirty floor. See the next paragraphs for more information.

Black joints

The problem caused by blackened floor joints is certainly one of the problems that causes us the most despair and to which valid solutions are sought. Below is an effective way to avoid a floor   characterized by black grout . So you can always  rely on a very clean floor.

Dirty floors and black joints: the effectiveness of this natural method

As mentioned in the first lines, it is certainly a problem that affects us all and that we often face without understanding what concretely we should do. We talk about  the dirty floor and those annoying black grout lines that we just want to get rid of, but often we don’t know how to do it and so we get lost in a thousand doubts and questions.

Below we will talk about exactly this, that is, a remedy that might be right for you to help you sort this out.

With this do-it-yourself remedy you will no longer see your dirty and blackened joints, but will have the opportunity to clean them with a product that is not only very good but also cheap.

In short, how often does this type of problem occur at home? In these cases  , chemicals  that can be found in the commercial sector are often used, but people are often dissatisfied with the results obtained after using them, in addition to the fact that they are also quite expensive and harmful to our health and the environment are.

So here is  an excellent, completely natural and homemade remedy that you can easily prepare and use to clean your floor.

Dirty floor

The latter is not only completely clean, but also  with perfectly bleached joints .

The steps to take

The trick that we are about to talk about is  extremely efficient and, in fact, has helped many housewives to finally solve one of the most annoying problems that usually arise in households. If you use this method you will be really surprised as the results you will get will be mind blowing.

To learn more, read on as you will find all the useful steps to make the DIY remedy right at home.

The first step? Take  a plastic container  and pour  3 tablespoons of baking soda  into it. Add a heaping tablespoon  of liquid soap  and a tablespoon of  toothpaste  .

Then you need another ingredient that is usually always found in a house, namely  white vinegar . Simply add two tablespoons of vinegar to the mixture.


At this point you just have to  mix all the ingredients well  and finally your completely natural product is ready to use.

The procedure for cleaning the flooring: final details to pay attention to

What? What do you need to do after making this natural product with your own hands? You have to  use it with the help of a spoon .


This makes it easier for you to pour it onto the joints of your flooring. Then apply the resulting solution little by little to all the joints that you want to lighten.

At this point, in order to distribute the  solution well  on the floor, you need to run your finger along the joints themselves and on the floor where you applied the product with a spoon. So that you can place it perfectly in all the places where you want to work so that it has an impact.

Let the  mixture sit for about ten minutes  and  then use a sponge  on the green side to rub all the joints covered by the solution.

In this way you can see that all the black comes out and at this point you will have to finally remove it by  passing a wet cloth  to remove the residue of the product.

Once the removal has been carried out in this way, you can admire the covering and the exceptionally  bleached and clean  joints. A result that you will be completely satisfied with thanks to this simple and effective method.

This is a method that, as you have seen, is easily achievable, with ingredients that we all have at hand that can be combined and mixed to bring to life an infallible remedy. A  natural method . All you have to do is try it out and see for yourself how it affects your floor