Zero dirt on the windows, with a touch of this they will stay clean and sparkling

With just a spritz of this ingredient, your windows will stay clean and shiny like never before. This is what it is.  In our   house,   we often tend to keep everything tidy and clean, but there are some items in our   homes   that we are not always able to maintain as we wish and we find it difficult and cumbersome to clean them. .

In fact, some agents do not depend on us and stubborn dirt continues to hide even if we buy products suitable for cleaning certain surfaces, but sometimes they do not do their job.

Glasses: here is the method to always have them clean and shiny with a single ingredient

To do this, we must avoid spending a lot of money on products that in the long run may even be harmful, but rather prefer certain natural methods that our grandmothers have passed down to us.

One of the household tasks that bothers us the most is washing   windows   and   glass. Many times, in fact, we find ourselves in the need to remove the annoying stains that form on the glass.

These are formed by the   condensation   that forms on the windows during sudden changes in temperature but also by very violent rains on days when it is better to stay at home.

Glasses: this is how to clean them

However, there comes a time when it is necessary to wash these   glasses   and eliminate any halos that may occur, so we will end up having clean, shiny glasses without halos.

But very often we find it difficult, despite using a   squeegee   or other useful gadgets, to ensure that our   windows   are always clean without any trace of dirt or debris.

the secret solution

For this,   one of the most suitable ingredients for various purposes comes into action, white vinegar, which can be used to clean our glass and windows perfectly.

To use it, we only need to dilute half a glass of   white vinegar   with a little warm water and place it in a spray bottle so that it can be sprayed during our cleaning.

There are different ways to use it, the first is to spray the solution on the   glass   and use a  microfiber cloth   then wash everything until dry, the second recommends soaking the cloth in the solution and passing it directly on the glass.

Glasses: this is how to clean them

The third, on the other hand, is the one used by experts and sees the use of this solution on some sheets of newspaper, which seems to have a tendency to trap dirt and make our windows shine due to its properties.

In addition, it is advisable to wash the   windows   on days when the sun’s rays do not shine directly on them, since excess heat could dry out quickly and cause more drops to form.

For this reason, we prefer a   warm day   , not too sunny, so that our glass can be cleaned in the best possible way until we take care of it again.