1 ball in the toilet is enough to eliminate bad odors, limescale and yellow stains.

If you add this ball to the toilet, you can say goodbye to bad odors, limescale and yellow stains that invade your bathroom. It is the natural remedy of the most expert housewives!

Tired of spending hours and hours trying to remove yellow stains and lime marks from your bathroom toilets? Just add this ball to your toilet and everything will be spotless!

How to get a spotless toilet in the blink of an eye?

Cleaning the bathroom usually takes a long time. However, it is inevitable to clean the bathroom every day to eliminate the dirt and bad odors that the toilet gives off every day. There are also limescale deposits and yellow stains that make your toilet look dirty.

Fortunately, you can say goodbye to all this mess thanks to this foolproof method used by expert housewives. In the blink of an eye, the perfect toilet will be within your reach!

If you try this trick just once, you surely won’t be able to live without it! What do you need to make this DIY bathroom cleaner? All the ingredients for this recipe are already in your kitchen.

First, you will need baking soda (5 tablespoons in a bowl). Next, add half a cup of liquid detergent and mix it well. You will also need two tablespoons of white vinegar. If you keep mixing, you will get a pasty mixture.

Next, use this mixture to make small balls with which you can effectively clean the toilet.

What is the procedure to eliminate odors from your toilet? The first step is to pour half a cup of white wine vinegar into the toilet bowl. Let it sit for a few minutes before throwing away the ball made with baking soda, soap and vinegar.

Take a special toilet brush and start scrubbing the sides of the bowl. A white foam will form and you will see that your toilet is clean and like new. Finally, flush the toilet.

And now, thanks to these magic balls, you will have a bathroom free of limescale, yellow stains and bad odors.