1 glass of this in the washing machine and you will halve the bills you receive at the end of the month

Thanks to just one glass of this ingredient in our washing machine, the bill costs will be reduced by half. This is what it is.

The   washing machine   is an   appliance   that we all have at home that has allowed us to wash clothes quickly without having to wash them by hand and eliminate the most stubborn stains.

There are different types of washes that can be used depending on the program we have selected and we must be careful that our clothes do not shrink or get damaged by high temperatures.

Washing machine: here’s how to save money with just one ingredient

In fact, some fabrics tend to shrink or fade, which damages     lighter colored garments and we may find ourselves with garments different from how we bought them.

Therefore, it is essential to make good use of our   washing machine   and also take good care of it, since it could break down over time due to continued use.

As in contact with water, lime and residue form inside the   washing machine and therefore it is always better to make sure that these dissolve and are also eliminated by carefully washing the seals of our appliance and its filter.

Washing machine: with a glass cut your bills in half

In addition, by pressing on the shelf tray where we put the   detergent,   we can remove the drawer and wash it well so that the remains of detergent, whether powder or liquid, are removed.

It is also important not to leave the   washing machine   closed when we finish using it, since closing the door creates condensation inside that could create mold that will damage the washing machine and even our clothes.

what to use

But among other things, the   washing machine   also has a cost, since to use it we must use electricity   and   there are different time slots planned so that the cost is reduced.

But if a   washing machine   works well, it will take less time to complete its washing cycle and it all depends on the use that has been given to it and the maintenance that has been given to it so that it does not break down.

To make sure all the limescale and debris doesn’t affect performance, simply place a glass of   vinegar   in the detergent basket and turn on a vacuum cleaner to disinfect our device.

Washing machine: with a glass cut your bills in half

In this way, the   vinegar   will act as a disinfectant and will eliminate all possible residues and eliminate   mold   , leaving a typical and unmistakable smell that will also greatly benefit our clothes.

Thus, our   washing machine,   once disinfected with vinegar   ,   will have eliminated everything that prevented it from working correctly and will work perfectly without having to wait for the end of its cycle.

In this way, we will not only avoid expert maintenance, but also having to re-wash our clothes when they are dirty with mold or debris due to careless maintenance of the washing machine and its internal elements and there will be a few   euros on our bill   . less.