How to shorten jeans in two simple steps: it’s easier than you think

Shortening jeans is child’s play: with this method you won’t have to ask an expert seamstress for help.

Whether   old or new jeans   , when you need to shorten them, it is best to contact a seamstress. Thanks to experts, it is possible to learn techniques to shorten the essentials of each closet, in a few simple gestures without cutting it. It is a game of sewing and skill, so much so that for those who are truly passionate about the material it becomes child’s play. Here is how to do it and what are the   techniques to shorten jeans easily.

Tricks to shorten jeans without cutting them

Jeans are a millennial garment, unisex and suitable for all ages. When the time comes to shorten them, we immediately think about cutting the bottom part with the hem, or contacting a professional seamstress who can achieve the   desired goal.

In fact, there are methods that allow you to shorten pants in a few simple steps without cutting. Sure, it may not be a perfect job, but jeans have the ability to   adapt and adapt to whatever shape is thrown at them.

Experts, before cutting and shortening jeans, invite you to pay   attention to these factors   :

  • Buy and use a needle and thread that go well with the fabric, consulting an expert tailor;
  • It is not necessary to choose a color identical to the tone of the jeans, because it is an internal seam, but it is still advisable to adopt a tone close to blue/light blue.
  • Also mount the same thread on the sewing machine for added safety
  • If only jeans are purchased, it is better to wash and iron them.

Steps to follow and tips

The steps to follow are simple and in most cases done by hand, but it is also possible to use   a sewing machine   :

  • Put on the jeans and make the inside flap to mark the correct height and shorten it less than necessary
  • Measure the height of the current hem
  • Place it back under the first bar, then mark   everything   with pen or chalk.

It’s also important, before you continue, to make sure   the hem fits perfectly   with the first chalk line and then fold the leg of the jeans at the bottom.

  • Continue pinning to keep the leg in place while you work
  • Proceed by sewing the jeans inside   or with the sewing machine, using the original edge and the present dotted line.
shorten jeans

Continue with all the seams and put the jeans back on, before finally closing the inside hem. Obviously, it is also possible to cut off all the excess   fabric, to save it because it can always be used in the future.

Close the hem and do the same with the other leg. At the end he passes the hot iron and checks that everything has been sewn as best as possible.  An advice?  It is possible to make a second pass with the sewing machine, so that the seam is much more resistant to washing and wear.