2 euros to end drafts at home

Did you know that eliminating drafts at home only costs 2 euros? With the arrival of winter, homes need more and more heating. But the price of this essential resource continues to increase. Therefore, it must be preserved as much as possible, to be able to enjoy a warm and comfortable home. To get rid of drafts and insulate heat, keep this inexpensive tip in mind.

2 to eliminate drafts at home

Here is an effective method to prevent hot air from your radiator from escaping outside, as well as to block cold air from entering your home.

This way, there will be no temperature variations and you will always have a warm house. To do this, you will only need 2 euros to buy this secret product that will leave you speechless.

What is it about?

Save money and keep your house warm by buying self-adhesive strips in specialized stores. Simply place them on doors and windows.

These spongy textured pieces are ideal for areas where you notice drafts. These strips measure 2mm, but you will need strips up to 4mm.

Cut them to twice the size of the airstream in question. This will ensure that no heat is lost.