Tight nude: release it in 3 seconds

A knot that is too tight on your shoelaces or clothing can quickly become a nuisance. It often happens just when you’re in a hurry. In order not to waste time unnecessarily, below we explain how to untie your shoelaces in 3 seconds.

Avoid cutting

Surely you have ever found yourself with a very tight knot. It is a real headache that tests our patience and forces us to give in. Our first instinct is to grab a pair of scissors and immediately cut the knot.

But all this does is damage the rope. Consider taking the spoon method. To do this, slide the handle inside the knot to try to loosen it. Then continue using your fingers to try to free the knot.

Another interesting technique is to loosen the knot at the ends using pliers. Simply pull vigorously to force the knot out.

Tight nude: release it in 3 seconds

If it is a very tight knot like a necklace, there is no room for force. Instead, look in the kitchen for the product you need, which is oil. Follow these steps to get started:

Prepare coconut or olive oil;
Moisten your fingers with it;
Grease the knot and untie it little by little and carefully.
If you don’t have oil, you can use talcum powder or insert a toothpick inside the knot. The idea is to loosen the knot as much as possible.