Acoustic insulation for walls: discover affordable and interesting solutions

Acoustic insulation of walls is an important element for comfortable indoor living. In practice, this means soundproofing the walls to create a barrier against outside noise.

Because outside noise is annoying

This work represents an important renovation project, especially in areas where there is a lot of traffic, such as large cities.

Horns, music, traffic in general, including ambulance sirens and police cars, are annoying noises.

That is why the house must be insulated as much as possible, through the exterior walls. This technique avoids reducing the size of the walls. However, it is entirely possible to insulate the walls without altering the width of the house.

Acoustic insulation of walls: discover accessible and interesting solutions

The first method is to install a double wall with insulating material. In this case, it is important to consult a professional to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Don’t hesitate to contact bricklayers who can judge whether or not it is the best way to proceed. Depending on the expert’s advice, the use of other materials may be an option.

The second technique is to use panels with insulating properties to absorb noise. It is an economical solution based on the use of a glue and an adhesive material.

If these first two solutions are not feasible, you can always opt for furniture insulation. Simply stick the furniture to the walls, windows and doors.

Finally, to reduce noise pollution as much as possible, you can use plasterboard, cork, rock wool or polyurethane foam.