2 ingredients will be enough to clean and make pans burned on the outside shine

One of the most important problems in the kitchen is the formation of grease stains, scale and burns  that form on the bottom of the pan.  To remove stains and burns from dishes and pans, using the dishwasher is often used, but it is not always the truly effective solution.

To remove scale, you need to rub and use  two ingredients  to remove accumulated dirt. These are the two ingredients to clean and shine pans that are burned on the outside.

Removing grease and burns from pans and pots: is the dishwasher really the best solution?

To eliminate grease deposits and burns on the bottom of pots and pans, it is good to use a  natural and economical method  . The oil used to cook and prepare first and second courses, as well as sauces and garnishes, tends to thicken and become encrusted. Often, for reasons of time, all the dishes and pots and pans are put in the dishwasher to eliminate all the scale and burns.


In fact, it is not the absolute best solution for removing grease and scale from pots and pans. The dishwasher is an  appliance that consumes electricity  and water resources. The energy consumption of this device  exceeds 4200 kWh per year  . With expensive energy bills, it is good to be careful and pay close attention to consumption.

Eliminates grease and burns from pots and pans: it is good to mix these two ingredients

To eliminate burns from pots and pans, it is better to use ecological and economical solutions:  baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  Simply mix these two ingredients to eliminate burns: it is always good to avoid using agents that have too aggressive corrosive power. It is good advice to wash by hand and use warm water. Simply mix some baking soda in a bowl with some hydrogen peroxide.

Simply rub the  baking soda  on the burns and scale on the pans to remove them without damaging the surface of the pans and pots. For more stubborn stains, it is advisable to add a little hydrogen peroxide and a little hot water. After scrubbing with a brush or sponge, you can let the solution sit and scrub again to remove scale.

 If the scale persists, the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide should be mixed again and rubbed to remove it completely. In some cases, a little coarse salt can be added to completely remove burns from the bottom of the pan and saucepan.