Don’t throw away tuna cans, they are worth gold at home: how to reuse them

Don’t throw away cans of tuna: do you know that they are worth gold in the house? There is a really super simple technique that will change your life. Here’s how to reuse them wisely.

How many times have you found yourself throwing away dozens of  cans of tuna  ? Wait until you do it next time. We tell you how to reuse them:  they are really precious for your home.

Tuna cans: why you shouldn’t throw them away

Tuna is among the most consumed foods by Italians  and  beyond. This fish, rich in  Omega 3 fatty acids , also recommended by nutritionists, is a panacea for the body. What better convenience than being able to do good for our body simply by purchasing  practical cans  that allow us to consume  a quick and healthy meal ?

Can of tuna
 Every day,  millions of Italians buy canned tuna,  making quite large stocks of it to put in the pantry. After consuming this food, the first thing you will surely do is to  throw away the tin box that contained the tuna.

Be careful when you do that next time. Do you know that you could  reuse it intelligently  ?  Empty tuna cans  are a  valuable resource for your home  . Wondering how they can be useful? We’ll tell you right away. Keep reading so you don’t miss out on some super cute and super useful ideas.

How to reuse empty tuna cans

Every day we find ourselves throwing away many  empty tuna cans  . On the other hand, you must be thinking:  why shouldn’t I do this?  What can they do for me? Nothing, the response of many. In fact, we tell you that  they can become a truly valuable asset for your home.

Can of tuna
 Do you know how you could  use them intelligently  ? We’ll tell you right away. So wait before throwing them away. The  ideas  that we will give you in a moment will leave you speechless.

First of all, did you know that  you can make flower pots from empty tuna cans  ? Yes, you read it right. The process is also quite simple. You’ll just need some  clothespins  to make your jar even cuter.

Obviously, you will need  small plants like succulents or miniature cacti  that will fit perfectly in the tuna can. Clip the clothespins around the can and voila, you have a gorgeous jar!

But you can also make pretty candle holders with tuna cans   . The procedure is the same as for the jars, so you will have to use  the clothespins  that you will place inside the empty can, then insert a candle by placing it inside a glass so that the flame does not damage the can or the wood. . some clothespins.

Did you know that  empty tuna cans can also be useful in the kitchen  ? Thanks to their small but perfect size, they can become  molds for single-serving flans  or for making delicious sweets. Of course, always wash them well before using them and remove any outer packaging. You can also use them as  pudding molds.

What if we told you that you can also make curious and tender crafts for children  with cans? An idea?  A rattle  to hang on the crib or even outside the doors!

Get lots of empty cans that you will wash and  decorate however you like  . Drill them and pass them through  a hemp thread or a strong rope  and hang them on a support that you will then place where you prefer:  the rustle of the wind will make them touch and play.

And if you are even more skilled and experienced with manual work,  you can also use tuna cans to make a wall clock.  In this case, you will also need  a manual mechanism  that you will place, after having carefully drilled holes where necessary, into the empty can. So see how many good ideas you can come up with just by putting away  the empty tuna cans  ?