3 foolproof tricks that you can put into practice right now to avoid losing your socks in the washing machine.

Losing socks in the wash is a common misfortune that affects almost every home. You will see in the drawers sad and lonely socks that have lost their companions in the wash. Today, put an end to this mess and adopt one of these tips to stop losing your socks.

Join them with clothespins

Clothespins are a very practical way to combine socks for washing. Before putting them in the washing machine, combine them by securing them with clothespins. To do this, opt for a sturdy clamp so that it does not break while the appliance is running.

Use a washing net

Take a washing net and put all the dirty socks in it. Next, put the net with the rest of the dirty clothes in the washing machine.

After the wash cycle, leave them on the net to dry in the dryer. To keep everything in order, you can separate each family member’s socks into an individual net.

Use the thread technique

If you don’t want to lose your socks, place one inside the other. After washing them, you will be delighted to see that the socks are still together and perfectly clean. An unusual but very effective trick.