Here are my 3 undisputed methods for keeping sliced ​​bread soft!

Preserving sliced ​​bread is not easy, especially because it can go moldy in a very short time. However, sliced ​​bread is one of the foods that we like to eat most every day, like bread. You can even buy multiple packages if you find a bargain while shopping.

But if you don’t know how to preserve this food well, it can harden and become rancid quickly. And what’s worse, it will get moldy. To remedy this, you’ll love these simple tips to keep sliced ​​bread mold-free for weeks.

Whether it is a sandwich, a croque-monsieur or a breakfast sandwich, sliced ​​bread is a food that is loved by children and adults alike. But unfortunately, if not stored properly, it hardens and molds quickly. To prevent it from spoiling, I’m going to share with you my unbeatable techniques for preserving the softness and smoothness of sliced ​​bread for weeks and weeks.

Close the bread bag tightly

Let’s start with this very popular tip, which consists of sealing the package well. Many people forget to do it, especially children. When the plastic package is tightly closed, no air can pass through, so the bread does not become moldy or hard. So get in the habit of sealing your bread slices well and they will stay fresh and tender for 10 days or more. Great, right?

Keep the sliced ​​bread cold (in the refrigerator)

This method has its origins in England. It’s a bit of an unusual trick, but the result will leave you speechless. The English keep sliced ​​bread in the refrigerator and it really works. The cold temperature of the refrigerator slows down the hardening process. So, if you want to keep your sliced ​​bread fresh for a long time, just put the closed bag on top of the refrigerator. This way, you can preserve the sliced ​​bread for up to 15 days.

Use a loaf pan

To keep the sliced ​​bread soft, the best solution is to put it in a bread tin. It is a very effective trick that always works. For added effectiveness, you can wrap the bread in a clean kitchen towel. This way you will have fresh and tender bread for up to 5 days.