3 home tips to avoid bad odors in the bathroom in a simple and practical way

Use these tricks to make your bathroom smell delicious and refreshing.

Bad smell in the bathroom is sometimes inevitable, since it is a place where many factors can cause the unpleasant smell, so in addition to implementing a cleaning routine whenever necessary, it is also important to know some home tricks that will help you. will help deliver amazing. aroma in an easy and comfortable way.

If spraying an air freshener or putting scented candles in the bathroom no longer works, you need to know some homemade tricks or tips that will help you neutralize bad odors from toilets, trash cans, towels and other kitchen items found in that bathroom. house space.

Below you can learn three home tricks to be able to forget about the bad smell in the bathroom and enjoy a much more pleasant aroma that can last even hours or all day without having to use excessive amounts of aroma, it will be the opposite. , you can save your favorite products and also give other ingredients the possibility of neutralizing these unpleasant aromas in a simple and very practical way.

How to avoid bad odors in the bathroom

Pay attention to these tricks and apply them immediately.

Tapas with aromas

Reuse lids from coffee, mayonnaise, baby food and other products to perfume your bathroom. Simply place a cotton ball and add a little peppermint or lavender oil, so that the cotton is moist, place the lid inside the container and then the bag to throw the toilet paper.

The trash can is one of the elements that promotes bad odors in this area, so with this lid and this cotton wool previously moistened with an essential oil, you will be able to neutralize bad odors and provide a pleasant refreshing touch. You can soak the cotton again the next day and change it as many times as necessary.

Towel scent

Add a cup of fabric softener (the one you use for clothes) to a plastic bottle and dilute it with a quarter of water, plus three tablespoons of lavender essential oil, shake very well and you will have a delicious aroma to perfume your towels.

Spray this preparation on towels to add a pleasant fragrance. In addition, you should wash this type of fabric periodically to prevent dirt from accumulating and always protect a delicious touch.

Super trick to make the toilet smell good

Fill a one liter plastic bottle with peppermint or peppermint essential oil and make a small hole in the bottle, preferably at the bottom, you should place it inside the toilet bowl and so every time you flush the toilet, the solution It can smell every discharge and release a great aroma. In this part you can also add a baking soda tablet to clean naturally

Don’t forget to ventilate the bathroom and try this series of homemade tricks to avoid bad odors and neutralize those aromas that are usually very unpleasant. With these tricks you will surely be able to give it a fresh and extremely pleasant space.