How to clean the bathroom towel dryer with natural remedies?

In   winter   , especially when you have to shower, it is essential   to enter a warm bathroom   and wrap yourself in equally soft and warm towels.

For this reason, effective solutions are adopted, such as the installation of radiators or   heated towel rails   , which can also help to perfume the bathroom.

Like any appliance, it needs maintenance, so let’s see together   how to clean and dust the towel dryer with natural remedies.


Recleaning your towel warmer isn’t complicated, but     you need to remove   all excess dust first .

This is a very simple step that you can do   by simply wiping   all areas with a damp, wrung out microfiber cloth .

Pay   special attention to the corners   . There, in fact, is where dust deposits the most and is also the area where it is most difficult to remove.

If you can’t, use a toothbrush and that’s it!

Sodium bicarbonate

With   baking soda   you can remove stains and remove even the most stubborn dirt deposits in 5 minutes!

It is also   an extremely simple remedy to use   ! All you have to do is spread a little product on a non-abrasive sponge and rub vigorously all over the towel rails.

Rinse several times with a microfiber cloth, check that all traces of baking soda have disappeared and it will be like new!


Vinegar is already perfect if it is used   to clean the bathroom   , which is why we cannot fail to mention it among the useful remedies for washing the towel dryer.

You can easily remove water stains, stuck-on dust and limescale in no time! Let’s see how now!

Dampen a microfiber cloth, spread  1 tablespoon of vinegar on it   and use it to clean the entire surface, rubbing vigorously in the dirtiest areas.

Rinse and dry well and say goodbye to bad odors and dirt!


The same effectiveness of vinegar can also be achieved with the most versatile citrus fruit in the world,   lemon   !

You will have seen it many times among the most popular remedies to eliminate mold, limescale and yellow stains in the bathroom. Now we will see it applied to our specific case!

Use it   by simply squeezing some juice onto the sponge   and rubbing vigorously, then rinse thoroughly.

The bathroom will smell fresh!

Marseille soap

We cannot ignore a   grandmother’s trick   that provides benefits at home and in the washing machine.

Marseille soap  is one of those essential ingredients that everyone wants to always have on hand, especially if you like natural remedies!

Simply grate a little product onto a sponge and degrease the towel rack from top to bottom, paying attention to the different stains.

The smell you will then have in the bathroom will be intoxicating!

Hydrogen peroxide

Does it seem strange to you to see   hydrogen peroxide   for cleaning?

It’s stranger not to use it! This product is a household resource that   should be exploited more   because it replaces many polluting and unnatural products.

In our case, you will only have to   put it on a microfiber cloth   and clean the towel dryer, which will be perfect again in the blink of an eye!

Did you know? If used in the shower, hydrogen peroxide restores shine and removes all limescale and mold.


Try the remedies described above in inconspicuous corners to avoid damaging or staining the item.