Often it is not only the curtains or walls that absorb   odors coming from the kitchen, but also and especially the   furniture   .

These   become impregnated with the smell of food   and many times, unfortunately, they also get dirty, but how to get rid of odors and have a kitchen that recovers its fresh flavor?

I have the right method   ! There are remedies that you have at home that you can use at will to solve this small problem in a short time!

Vinegar and lemon

There are ingredients we use every day that, when combined, are perfect for cleaning many surfaces in the home, including kitchen cabinets!

This is   the case of vinegar and lemon   , fantastic not only for eliminating bad odors, but also for giving a fresh aroma to the entire kitchen thanks to the citrus aroma of lemon.

You will simply need   1 layer of vinaigrette mixture with 1 grain of citron   and all the ingredients in a bouteille, using a chiffon in microfibre and degreasing the furniture that will be a new and new one. of time !

You can use any type of vinegar, if you prefer a softer smell opt   for apple cider vinegar   .

Marseille soap

Another grandmother’s remedy that is always useful for cleaning furniture and removing odor is   Marseille soap   !

It’s really fantastic   for polishing and deep cleaning wood   , so what better ingredient in our case?

Fill a container with hot water, then grate   1 tablespoon of Marseille soap   and dissolve it in the   water   to obtain a solution that you will use on the furniture sponge.

You will feel fantastic!

Baking soda and essential oils.

Surely there is also   baking soda   in the kitchen furniture and if you don’t know how to use it, know that it is a good solution   to remove the smell from kitchen furniture   !

The abrasive action of baking soda can remove even the most stubborn odor-causing stains and restore the shine to your furniture.

Mix   2 tablespoons of product in a little water   until you obtain the consistency of a gel. If you want it to smell good too, add 2 drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Use   the mixture on a sponge   and wipe it over the furniture, after which you just have to rinse well and that’s it!

lemon and orange

Continuing with the theme of citrus fruits, we cannot fail to also mention   orange and lemon   !

Anyone who loves the aroma of these two ingredients will have with them the perfect solution   to make the kitchen the   freshest and cleanest environment in the house!

Squeeze the   juice from 1 large orange and 1 lemon   , then pour everything into a spray bottle and wash the furniture.

Bad smells will be a distant memory and the kitchen will be like new!

cleaning mix

Do you want something you can use over and over again? Then all you have to do is   prepare a good cleaning mixture   that will remove stains and odors when necessary!


  • 250 ml apple cider vinegar
  • 100 ml lemon juice
  • 150ml of water

Strain the lemon juice very well   , then   add it to the vinegar and water   . The resulting solution will need to be passed through a spray bottle and the natural furniture cleaner is ready!

Spray it   on the microfiber cloth   or non-abrasive sponge as many times as necessary. If you want to expand the mixture, always increase the quantities taking into account those reported.


Try the different remedies described above on hidden corners to ensure you don’t stain or damage the furniture.