One of the most unleashed factors during winter is undoubtedly   the accumulation of humidity in the house   .

This invades every corner and every room,   running the risk of damaging the walls and   other rooms such as the   shower or tiles   .

Over time, technologies have solved the problem of installing dehumidifiers, but not everyone has one.

Therefore, today we see together   5 methods that will help reduce humidity in the house at no cost   !

selection trick

Our Grandmas always have a solution to all the little problems we face!

Among the various remedies that have been transmitted to us to reduce humidity in the house, there is the   salt trick   that you can put in each room.

It consists of taking a   large bowl or basin and filling it with coarse salt   , which has the ability to absorb moisture naturally.

Choose the number of bowls according to the size of the house and you will see that, day after day, the result will surprise you.

Change the salt if necessary when you see that it has become liquid.

rice bag

In addition to coarse salt,   rice is also an excellent ally against humidity at home!

Everyone has a supply at home, so this is also an immediate remedy: simply fill bowls or even a   large breathable bag with rice   and place it on the affected areas.

Also in this case, after a few days the rice will change consistency, becoming soft, it will be time to change it and replace it with a new one.

Baking soda on furniture.

Not only in larger rooms and environments, but   also in small spaces   such as furniture, humidity accumulates.

Here you have to be very careful because excess humidity could cause   mold to form inside the furniture   and drawers, which will tend to deteriorate.

To avoid this whole chain of events, I recommend sprinkling baking soda on the underside of furniture or placing bowls in the corners of shelves.

Do the same even in the drawers and   every 3 or 4 days change it   by reusing the one in the bowls to make natural cleaners for the home!


Cornstarch   has exactly the same functionality as baking soda.

In fact, it is also used   to remove moisture from shoes   and boots when they are submerged in water on rainy days or due to sweating.

You will need to follow the same procedure as described for baking soda. However, I recommend this ingredient   especially in kitchen furniture.

talcum powder

Since it also dries out the skin when wet, it won’t be surprising to find talcum powder   among the tips to reduce humidity in the house!

Here we also have a notable advantage: the intoxicating aroma that this powder possesses.

Use it in rooms by placing   bowls on shelves   ,   desks   or any other affected area. For small spaces like furniture, always do the same process.

I especially recommend it in the bathroom so that it also captures bad odors!

DIY dehumidifier

The last trick you absolutely need to know is the   DIY dehumidifier!

It is a method that not only captures humidity, but also helps   the house smell good   by diffusing the aroma of your choice!

Will need:

  • 1 glass jar
  • Coarse salt to taste
  • 1 tea bag
  • 1 teaspoon essential oil

Fill the   jar with coarse salt   , add the contents of the   tea bag   and   also mix with the essential oil.

Close the jar and leave it overnight, the next day open the lid and place the jar on the affected area of ​​the house and it will smell fantastic!