3 homemade traps that eliminate cockroaches forever (without toxic products)

You wake up in the middle of the night, maybe to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water, you turn on the light and… cockroaches! You come take a print, take some sprays and start spraying everywhere. Cockroaches are fast and cunning insects, but   there are homemade traps that can scare them away forever   .

Although they do not sting or bite, cockroaches pose a problem to our health. They can cause asthma, allergies or respiratory problems, mainly due to the residue they leave behind.

Cockroaches enter our homes through small holes or cracks in the walls, through objects such as suitcases, or from one apartment to another through pipes.

3 homemade traps that kill cockroaches forever

first trap

Wash a glass bottle and then fill it with water and sugar. Using your fingers, coat the neck of the bottle with vegetable oil or Vaseline.

Put it in the crack or area where you have seen cockroaches enter or leave. Check it daily and you will see that those annoying insects will be trapped inside. Choose a bottle with a long neck to prevent cockroaches from escaping.

second trap

Before going to bed, place the pieces of sufficiently strong adhesive tape, sticky side up, in a square shape.

In the center of the square, place a bait, such as a banana peel or candy.

Third trap

Use a corrugated mold, such as those used for baking, and spread the edges with margarine. Sprinkle a little flour over the margarine and then place a cloth soaked in lightly sweetened water in the center of the pan.

Place the pan in a strategic place and you will see how all the insects will be trapped.

Finally, a grandmother’s remedy that, apparently, is very effective against cockroaches: put some bay leaves in the areas of the house prone to the arrival of these annoying insects. The laurel will scare them away.

With these traps you can say goodbye to cockroaches without filling the house with toxic products.