3 legendary recycling ideas to implement with glass jars

Glass is a very popular and versatile material, suitable both for storing food and for making original DIY decorative accessories. Here are three ideas on how you can recycle glass jars.

barattoli vuoti

For some years now, we have become increasingly aware of how important it is to recycle and separate waste. The environment, in fact, needs us, and it is our job to take care of it, also by avoiding unnecessary waste. We can all, in our own small way, do something concrete. Whenever possible, for example, we can give a new life< to objects that we tend to throw away after a single use.

We all go to the supermarket to do the shopping, and it is not uncommon, on that occasion, to buy food sold in glass jars. We find them in all sizes, and it is a shame to get rid of them when, with a little ingenuity and creativity, we could make them reusable for other purposes.

Gift ideas, decorative accessories and delicious containers are just some of the things you can do with a glass jar. Are you curious to know more? If the answer is yes, let’s read on together for some fun ideas on the subject.

Glass jars: how to recycle them in the kitchen

The first idea to give a new life to glass jars is to reuse them for food purposes. We can store in them, for example, the spices we use most often in the kitchen; candies and chocolates or, alternatively, fresh fruit preserves prepared with our own hands.


If you are artistically gifted, with some colored ribbons and a little paint you could also make some decorations, perhaps with a seasonal theme. This would certainly add a touch of originality to our pantry.

Two alternative ideas to make our home unique

Decorating and personalizing our home does not necessarily mean buying expensive objects: the same result can also be achieved through the art of recycling, which, if properly practiced, allows us to create objects that are not only original, but even unique in their kind.

Barattolo decorato

With a simple glass jar, in fact, you can, among other things, also create a container for hand soap to keep in the bathroom. To do this, simply make a small hole in the lid and insert a dispenser inside.

Again, as we have already mentioned, you can make DIY decorations on it. In this way, our bathroom will acquire a totally different and personalized look.

Finally, a simple glass jar can also become an elegant lantern to place in the garden. How? Simply place inside Christmas lights in the color of your choice -preferably battery-operated- and close the lid.

In this way, the atmosphere that will take the outside of our home will reflect our own creativity. At the same time, we will have learned not only that recycling is good for the environment and for our economy, but also that it can bring us great satisfaction in terms of the environment.