1 sprig of rosemary in the closet, even do it in the laundry room

A single sprig of rosemary inside the closet is enough to achieve something unique, like in the best laundries.

Rametto di rosmarino armadio

It is not necessary to resort to certain products for the treatment of closets and garments. Often, people spend a lot of money buying various products, when all they need is to use a natural ingredient. Cleaning experts reveal a little secret on how to use a simple sprig of rosemary directly in the closet: Simple, cheap and natural…

How to perfume clothes naturally?

In recent times people are trying to go back to grandma’s natural remedies using all the ingredients they can get at home. Scented clothes are a necessity for all people, so they go in search of products that can help wash after wash.

In reality, the use of chemical products with industrial perfumes pollutes the environment and costs a lot of money. A little natural trick is to use citric acid, with two drops of lavender essential oil and two drops of rosemary essential oil, supplemented with organic lemon juice.

Rosmarino per profumare

When garments are stored in the closet, they may stop smelling, as various odors affect the weaves of the fabric. The closed compartment could be an ideal place for moisture or mildew to form, so that the fabric wefts cannot breathe.

Therefore, experts explain how to do it, putting into practice a small and fun trick.

Rosemary sprig in the closet: what properties does it have?

A single sprig of rosemary can completely change the way you look at things. A delicious aromatic plant that spreads its scent throughout the house and outdoors.

In classical culture, this plant is used as a flavor enhancer without being aware of its many benefits in other contexts.

If placed inside a closet, all the benefits can also be transmitted to clothing. Its unique, fresh scent makes it the most potent moth repellent available. Rosemary can be grown indoors or in the garden, requires no special care and even those without a green thumb will have a beautiful plant.

Rametto di rosmarino

You can use this method in different ways depending on your needs and preferences. First of all, just take one or several sprigs and place them inside the cupboard resting on a saucer. They should be changed once a week, in order to have scented garments without having to worry about moth attack.

A second method consists of creating cloth bags with the aromatic plant inside. The twigs can be whole or broken, and closed with a colored ribbon. The bags should be placed in the middle of the laundry or near the garments hanging in the closet.

You can also add drops of essential oil.