Do this after each use and the oven will always be clean: not a single grease spot.

Dirty and very dirty oven? Here is the deep cleaning method to keep it always clean. There is no risk of grease stains…

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Cleaning the oven is a very difficult task: if the appliance is not constantly cleaned, there is a risk that dirt will accumulate over time and become more difficult to remove. Dirt accumulated over time will not guarantee the correct functioning of the appliance, nor safety when cooking food. Think of cooking chicken and lasagna that crackle at the temperatures reached, risking soiling the oven racks, walls and glass.

Cleaning the racks is not a problem, but cleaning the walls and glass is much more difficult, and specific products and chemicals are often used, but this is not always the most effective solution. After each use of the appliance, it is advisable to clean it with good ecological and cheap tricks to remove all the incrustations. The trick is to soften all the incrustations and burn marks using natural products.

Dirty oven: what are the causes?

When cooking food, it is easy for the oven to become encrusted and for stains to form all over the walls, grills and glass panes of the appliance. At high temperatures it is easy for the stains to dry out even more: the risk of not being able to remove them is very high. This is why it is important to resort to good natural, green and absolutely ecological remedies.

Dirty oven: the infallible method to remove stains and deposits

To clean the oven and remove stains and encrustations from the walls and glass of the appliance, it is necessary to resort to good natural and ecological remedies. The number one ally in household cleaning is white wine vinegar, lemon and baking soda. The good trick consists of “softening” the encrusted dirt and rubbing vigorously.

Just mix two natural ingredients that you can easily find in your pantry: wine vinegar and lemon. Once the two ingredients are mixed, pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the oven walls and glass. After turning the oven on at 180 degrees, place aluminum foil or plastic bags on top: aluminum foil allows the product to remain in place without the risk of drying out. Therefore, stains and encrustations are “softened”.

Once the film has been left to act, it can be removed: stains and deposits will visibly disappear. If there are more stubborn stains, it is necessary to heat the oven to a temperature of up to 50 degrees before cleaning. Once the oven is well heated, simply open it and clean with baking soda mixed with citric acid. This is an environmentally friendly cleaning method that is perfect for removing all scale from the appliance.