3 plants that will help you quit smoking

25 years ago, my son and daughter finally got the better of me. They had asked M to quit smoking for so long that I finally decided to quit smoking overnight. The day before I smoked three packs a day, but the next day I smoked zero. From time to time I still have a dream where I give in to the temptation to light one, but I know it won’t happen again.
Good reasons to quit smoking

According to statistics, smoking is responsible for 20% of cancer and respiratory deaths, or almost 9% of all deaths. 40% smokers die before retirement age. “.

But everything that is said about these premature deaths means that many young people are indifferent when it comes to lighting that first cigarette, and that many adults cannot stop smoking because they believe the dangers of smoking seem extremely small to them.

That is why I draw the attention of smokers around me to the fact that this habit affects the man between the legs and the woman in the face. Smoking damages the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis, so male smokers have a higher risk of impotence. Smoking also damages facial capillaries in women. For this reason, smokers usually develop wrinkles years earlier than non-smokers. (Smoking also causes premature wrinkles on the face in men, but like to choose short examples for both genders…)

Herbs to save smoking

When I quit smoking, I still didn’t know much about herbal medicine. If J were to quit smoking today, J would use various herbs to help

Liquorice – Source: spm

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Although I am not a great expert in this field, I believe that licorice should be useful for quitting smoking. J’ai also heard many encouraging stories about former smokers who managed to stop using licorice. What could be his way of acting? Licorice root looks like a shrunken old cigarillo. You can have a piece of licorice root handy and suck on it instead of lighting a cigarette. I believe that the effectiveness of this plant is due to the fact that “elle satisfies the need for an oral sensation common to all those who cannot give up cigarettes. This is a remedy I would like to try if I were still a smoker.

Do not forget that licorice and its extracts do not pose any danger if the amounts absorbed remain moderate up to three cups of herbal tea per day, but licorice is taken over a longer period of time (more than six weeks) or in excessive amounts. It can cause various symptoms such as headaches, lethargy and sodium retention, excessive potassium loss and high blood pressure.

Rotklee – Quelle:s

Rotklee (Trifolium pratense).

A few years ago, a businessman called and asked for 50 tons of red clover. The latter was to serve as the main ingredient for the production of a chewing tobacco substitute that I wanted to market. The blend would be presented as real tobacco in a metal box.

This call came to me just as I was discovering why red clover has always had a good reputation for preventing cancer. In fact, cancerous tumors cannot grow without a blood supply. Therefore, they send biochemical signals to stimulate blood vessel formation. This process is technically called angiogenesis.

Several well-known scientists in the field of oncology are looking for ways to prevent the formation of these new blood vessels that would lead to the disappearance of tumors. However, it turns out that one of the chemical components of red clover is genistein, a complex substance with antiangiogenic effects.

J’ai therefore welcomed the appeals of this entrepreneur who wanted to buy this factory. Replacing chewing tobacco with a tobacco-free substitute would prevent mouth and tongue cancer among tobacco producers. In addition, choosing red clover as a substitute for tobacco would increase the effectiveness of its medicine, which would also have an antiangiogenic effect.

I don’t know what happened to the tobacco-free purchase mixture. People who want to quit smoking can chew fresh red clover flowers (you can also add them to vegetable dishes) or other foods containing genistin, such as some peas, peanuts or soybeans. Snacks like these would help satisfy the need for mouthfeel that many smokers and ex-smokers feel. Furthermore, the genistein contained in these foods would attack any tumors that develop.

If you have trouble quitting smoking, get into the habit of drinking red clover tea every day. It seems to be a protective measure.

Karrot – Quelle: spm

Carrot (Daucus carota).

When I quit smoking, carrots helped me. “. I remember driving to the office and chewing a carrot or two instead of smoking a cigarette.

I chose carrots at that time because I love them. It is now known that carotenoids, cousins ​​of vitamin A that give them that lovely orange hue, also help prevent cancer, especially when the carotenoids come from real carrots or other whole foods instead of capsules. (When you isolate a useful chemical – that is, separate it from its entire context – you generally also miss out on countless other potentially useful chemicals.”) If we think of the cigarette as a kind of cancer-causing stick, we can also describe the carrot as an anti-tumor stick . In addition, this definition applies to all types of fruits and vegetables. Research at this level is unanimous and formal: the more fruits and vegetables people eat, the less likely they are to develop serious cancers, including lung cancer. Therefore, continue to eat carrots even if you cannot stop smoking.

A remedy based on the yellow root “”

One day I visited an authentic traditional herbalist. As I approached his house, I was pleased to see packets of xanthorrhiza (Xanthorrhiza simplicissimus) that looked like a collection of yellowish sticks. The old man was crazy and said it was the best herbal tonic I knew. He considered this to be extremely effective in treating hernias in the first stage, which probably meant hiatal hernia or heartburn due to the latter. Finally, he added a piece of bitter root and stuffed it into his mouth: “Xanthorrhiza is really good if you want to quit smoking. “

We currently have no scientific evidence that this plant can help smokers quit smoking. However, when I hear an old-fashioned herbalist recommend such a remedy, she said, This advice does not fall to the ear of a deaf person. After all, he had nothing to gain from supporting Xanthorrhiza. When he said that he had helped many people quit smoking with this plant, I trusted him to speak. There is probably no risk of L’trying. You can pour over the plant and drink it as an herbal tea or chew the bitter roots as licorice roots. It can also prevent tooth decay.