How do I degrease and polish kitchen tiles? 2 simple and effective advice

When cooking, it is common for the sauce or oil to stain furniture or kitchen tiles. This inevitably leads to you wanting to clean carefully so that the dirt doesn’t stick forever.
How to remove grease and oil from kitchen tiles without leaving a trace!

Mixture of vinegar and lemon for cleaning kitchen tiles
The mixture of vinegar and lemon is ideal for carefully degreasing the tiles. These two ingredients are often used in cooking and have a remarkable effect!

Please note that this product cannot be used on marble or natural stone tiles.

Ingredients for cleaning kitchen tiles
200 Mwater
250 ml white vinegar
Juice of 2 lemons
As you may have noticed, it takes very little to have a clean kitchen! Lemon and vinegar are two acidic elements that have a degreasing effect and the result will surprise you!

How to clean kitchen tiles
You need a spray first to clean it conveniently. Fill all ingredients using a funnel.

Shake well after closing: your mixture is ready. Spray directly onto the tiles or onto a sponge and rub well to remove dirt.

Then rinse with a microfiber cloth and voila, your tiles are super clean! You can also use the mixture to polish the stem.

For marble and natural stone tiles
As mentioned above, the method described above does not apply to marble tiles and natural stones.

So if you have marble or natural stone tiles, don’t worry, there is an effective solution with just a few ingredients!

Ingredients for cleaning marble and natural stone tiles
As for the previous natural remedy, it is not difficult to get the ingredients!

1 tablespoon baking powder
1 Esslöffel Marseille Seife
These two delicate elements will be effective! Soda is also used to clean the oven or washing machine!

Cleaning process of marble tiles and natural stones
First take a small bowl, pour in the baking soda and then add the Marseille soap

Blend the mixture and if you find it is too thick, add eau to make a foamy consistency.

All you need to do is pour the mixture into a bucket of warm eau de eau or directly onto a sponge.

For amazing results, rinse and dry with a microfiber towel!