3 tips for cleaning up burnt pots and pans

Household vinegar to restore the bottoms of burnt pans

  • Pour some concentrated household vinegar at 14° (with organic lemon essential oil) into your pan with a little water.
  • Bring to a boil and simmer for 2 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and wait until the mixture has cooled. The  crusted layer then peels off on its own  .
  • Finish cleaning with a sponge. And hey presto, grandma, a real house fairy the natural way!

Baking soda to dissolve burnt fat

  • Sprinkle a good layer of baking soda into your charred pot or pan.
  • Add some water and then bring to a boil. Let it sit for a few minutes before removing it from the heat.
  • The water and baking soda have created a paste, use a sponge and this mixture to remove the last traces of this massacre.

You can also combine vinegar and baking soda in case of disaster… To do this, add the baking soda and then spray the vinegar. The effervescence produced by its two products effectively removes the burnt fat  . 

Citric acid against burnt fat

Very effective and non-toxic to humans,  citric acid dissolves burnt fats  from pans and ovens.

  • Pour 2 tablespoons and a glass of water into charred bowls.
  • Heat while stirring to dissolve the fat.
  • Rinse and clean with your usual product and you’re done.