Use salt in the bath this way and see what happens: problem solved

Why it is recommended to pour salt into the bathtub and how often. This is a very convenient, cheap and super effective trick.

A toilet bowl

Salt in the bathtub, do you know you should start applying it?  Leaving a handful in the cup is a big help and solves some problems. We are in the category of house cleaning, for which we have to spend energy, time and money several times a week.

Woe betide us if we do not: we will find ourselves in an environment unworthy of calling home. And pouring salt in the bathroom will help us in this also because it is a cheap method that avoids us having  to resort to chemicals that cost more.

On the other hand, salt always has a very low price and is never missing from our kitchens. But from the context of recipes and the preparation of various delicacies, this natural element will also be very valuable in another part of our home, namely the bathroom. Let’s put salt in the bathtub  and see how much good comes out of it.

Salt in the bath, the benefits and how often you should do it

A handful of coarse salt

Pouring salt into the bath can eliminate the presence of yellow stains that settle at the bottom of the cup over time. Salt is also a powerful disinfectant. How long does it take? Just 100 grams is enough.

We need coarse salt , which is left on the walls of the toilet. Distribute it evenly, trying to cover each part as much as possible, then leave it on for at least a few hours to even a whole night. When the necessary time has passed, all you have to do is pull the drain and let the water drain out to rinse everything off.

This method is great to use once  a week  and will help clean the bathroom surfaces, whiten them and disinfect everything well. For a method that is convenient, inexpensive and easy to put into practice.