3 tricks to polish burned pans and make them like new again

You have undoubtedly happened to leave a pan on the stove a little longer than necessary and subsequently notice the appearance of very annoying stains. Continuous use of pots and pans exposes them to the risk of stains that are more or less difficult to remove.

Some dishwashing detergents can even make the problem worse. Moreover, it is likely that by scrubbing excessively to remove stains, we end up permanently damaging our pan.

Fortunately, there are natural tricks to remove the most difficult stains from pots and pans, even burnt stains.

1. Detergent

This very little-known trick is most effective for making pans that have lots of encrusted grease that won’t go away with anything.

Pour a teaspoon of detergent directly onto the grease, without adding water.

Over the detergent pour a little fine salt, covering the entire surface. Then use a dry sponge to remove all the grease effortlessly. Finally, rinse with plenty of water.

2. Baking soda

If salt is great against grease, baking soda is even excellent. You can use this remedy both to remove grease and to recover burnt pans.

Mix two parts baking soda with 1 part alcohol until well blended.

Then rub the solution on the burned part of the pan using a sponge, then rinse and finally dry well to avoid stains.

3. Hand soap.

If the grease is very encrusted you can try to remove it with the hand soap trick. Put the pan or pot on the stove on for a few seconds, then remove it.

Very carefully pour hand soap over the grease stains, then scrub vigorously with a steel sponge. This process should be repeated several times. If the pan is nonstick, replace the steel sponge with a regular sponge.

Now that you know how to recover burned pots and pans and remove encrusted grease, you will think twice before throwing them away.