3 very powerful natural fertilizers to make all the plants in the house grow

Here are 3 natural fertilizers you can make at home for your plants. They will grow healthier and stronger in no time. Try it too and you will see the difference in your plants.


Caring for your plants  means choosing the right place and the right temperature for them. But to always have them healthy, leafy and flowering you will also have to think about the use of fertilizer  . This is essential for plants as it helps them grow healthier and stronger.

In fact, normally  the components contained in fertilizers are precisely going to support the growth of the plant  and protect it from bacteria and parasites that can cause diseases. Fertilizer is essential not only for the plants but also for the cuttings because it helps them grow stronger and stronger within a few weeks.

take care of plants

Cuttings are a way to multiply plants faster than using seeding. In fact, a small portion of a plant is cut off and transformed into a plant. The cuttings therefore need to be strengthened and for this  we are going to see how to create 3 fertilizers that are very useful and effective.

Here are the 3 fertilizers you can use on your plants

As we have said,  the use of fertilizer is very important  . These that we show you are very quick and easy to prepare and help plants grow faster by increasing the growth of leaf mass. This can be noticed in the first days but the results will be seen especially after a week.

In addition, you will no longer see yellow leaves because the leaves will be green and flowering will also be active and favored. And then the roots will also become stronger. For example, in fact, using these fertilizers you will almost double the roots of the cuttings that are weaker
and thinner. But let’s see how to create these 3 fertilizers.

3 natural fertilizers for your plants

The first fertilizer involves the use of ammonia  which is present in the soil, water and air. This is important because it is a source of nitrogen and this promotes growth and better production of the plant. To increase these factors, therefore, a true nitrogen fertilizer can be created.

Just take a glass jar and pour 1 L of distilled water and ammonia into it  . Of the latter, a teaspoon is enough. Mix well and immediately use the fertilizer you have created because the nitrogen tends to evaporate and you will not be able to preserve it. Only water plants that you have not previously watered.

fertilizer for plants with sugar

The second fertilizer can be obtained by mixing sugar (or glucose) and water  . Just take 1 L of distilled water and a tablespoon of sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves and pour into plants. Use this fertilizer long term, every 15/20 days.

Finally,  the third fertilizer involves the use of ammonium sulfate  . This should also be mixed with 1 L of distilled water and one teaspoon will be enough. It should be used like the other two, so it is simply poured into the soil and helps increase nitrogen supply and lower soil pH.