Never throw away the seeds when you squeeze the lemon: they are very useful if you reuse them like this

Never throw away the lemon seeds when using it. They are very useful if you reuse them this way. Come find out what to do with lemon seeds.

lemon seeds

Lemon is widely used in cooking to flavor various preparations but it can also be useful for household chores  . Lemon has many benefits and is rich in nutritional properties for the body. Among these there is undoubtedly a strong presence of vitamin C and mineral salts.

With lemon, therefore, immune defenses are increased and it is important to consume it in the diet. Lemon is also excellent because it prevents some diseases such as flu or colds. It also helps renew the cellular process thanks to the folic acid it contains.

lemon - never throw away the seeds of this citrus

Therefore, lemon is essential and it is recommended to consume it  . What you don’t know is that when you juice a lemon you never have to throw away the seeds because they can be reused in a   truly amazing way. Next we will see what can be done with the seeds obtained from lemon.

Lemon: this is what to do with its seeds

If you’re wondering how to use lemon seeds, the answer is simple: plant them. Lemon seeds fall out when the fruit is squeezed and are small and hard. They are usually thrown away, but you can reuse them and plant them in your garden or you can create a small lemon plant in a pot on your balcony.

To plant a lemon plant using only its seeds, you will have to follow a series of steps that we will see below  . The procedure is not difficult but just follow these tips so that your new lemon plant sprouts very easily. Let’s see how to do it.

Here's how to plant lemon seeds

First you will need to prepare the seeds. You just have to rinse them with water to remove the remains of the lemon pulp, remember to use room temperature water, it should not be hot. After washing them you can dry them and with tweezers you can remove the skin around them.

After peeling the seed, all you have to do is grab a small container, like a yogurt pot, and get started. Put some moistened wadding inside the jar and pour the seed over it  . After a few days you will start to see a small stem and this means that the plant is beginning to sprout.

lemon Tree

When the stem is a few centimeters tall and roots have formed, you can move it from the pot to a larger pot  . Plant it in a larger pot with soft potting soil. Keep it in a warm place where the temperature is between 19 and 25°C. There should also be indirect sunlight.

Let the seedling grow, it will take a long time, so you will need to be patient. Water the plant constantly so that the soil is always moist. It will be years before you see a lemon sprout  , experts say about 5, but even without a lemon it will still be a beautiful plant.