4 essential products for home maintenance

To keep your home in the best possible condition, forget about the expensive cleaning products sold in supermarkets. To adopt an environmentally conscious approach, you can choose to use natural, ecological and cost-effective products.

In this article we will list 4 essential products that you must have at home to properly care for your home.

White vinegar: the king of household products

It is highly recommended to have white vinegar in the cupboard as it is a very versatile household product. It is your best ally when it comes to washing, removing grease stains and disinfecting at the same time. White vinegar is also known as a natural herbicide.

At high concentrations it is an effective descaler. It can be a miracle solution to all your cleaning problems.

Baking soda: to remove dirt

Baking soda is an all-purpose cleaner that you should have in your cupboard all year round. It is a natural, ecological and non-toxic product that can be used anywhere in the house, from the toilet and bathroom to the kitchen.

It is also great for use outdoors, especially in the garden, to kill pests. This cream-colored powder is the perfect partner to effectively clean your home.

Marseille soap: for lovers of organic products

If you are looking for a natural product that is healthy for humans and environmentally friendly, Marseille soap will delight you. It is the perfect household product for hand washing and cleaning.

Made from olive oil, Marseille soap is free of chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances. You can use it for home care or to make your own detergent powder. A must for your laundry.

Black soap: the best degreaser

Without this product, home maintenance would be incomplete. We’re talking about black soap, one of the most commonly used natural products in the home. Although black soap is best known for its degreasing properties, it also has other, more interesting properties.

For those who can’t stand chemical-filled products, it can be the main ingredient in a liquid soap. This way you get a biodegradable product that does not irritate the skin.