Clean the drains in your home in 5 minutes

Food residue, grease, hair, limescale deposits… are some of the main causes of a clogged drain. Have you ever used the plungers sold in the supermarket without success? In addition, they are aggressive and have little respect for the environment. Forget those chemicals and use natural tricks to unclog your drains in 5 minutes.

Clean your drains in 5 minutes with a combination of baking soda and white vinegar

There is a wondrous organic flask that cannot be missed. It is a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar.

Aside from its biodegradable, edible and non-toxic properties, baking soda has many other properties that make it a household must-have. Thanks to its bactericidal properties (effective against bacteria and fungi), it has many uses, both at home and in the kitchen.

White vinegar is rich in acetic acid. It has the same properties as baking soda. It works against dirt and germs and also has a lower odor than standard chemicals. When combined with baking soda, white vinegar forms a sparkling foam that thoroughly cleans your home’s drains.


For this miracle recipe to work, you need:

  • 300 ml white vinegar
  • 100 g Backpulver
  • 2 liters of hot water

How is it prepared?

1- Bring the 2 liters of water to a boil over low heat.
2-Pour in the white vinegar and let the mixture (water + vinegar) boil for 10 minutes.
3-Pour the baking soda into the clogged pipe and then continue with the water and vinegar mixture.
4- Leave this mixture on overnight.
5- The next day, run hot water through the pipe to remove any residue.
Getting in the habit of pouring an entire bottle of white vinegar down the drain every month can help prevent potential clogs.

More techniques to unclog drains at home in 5 minutes

the idiot

The suction cup is present in almost all households and frees the pipes from any obstacles.

The hanger

Create a hook by cutting and bending the end of a clothes hanger. Insert this hook into the pipe to remove any contamination. Next, pour in hot water.

Dishwashing liquid

Known as an effective degreaser, dish soap can play an important role in clearing clogs in your drain. It can be used in the sink, sink or even the toilet. Simply pour 5cl of dishwasher detergent down the drain and add boiling water to increase the degreasing effect.