Discover some wonderful tips for wonderfully smelling summer clothes!

Summer is finally here and with sunny days we can finally dry our clothes in the fresh air without having to worry about that hated musty smell.

But sometimes, even in the sun, you don’t always get the scented clothes you want.

Discover these infallible tips today to keep your clothes smelling great in summer.

Which product to use to perfume clothes?

Although the sun can naturally scent clothing, it is also important to choose the right products when doing laundry. We recommend that you choose natural ingredients as they are soft and provide a fresh aroma. One of these ingredients is Marseille soap, known for its intoxicating scent.

Add a portion of liquid Marseille soap to the detergent compartment and start the wash cycle. However, you should remember that you should neither use too much nor too little, as just the right amount will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

What do I do when the laundry is finished?

When the wash cycle is finished, immediately remove the laundry from the drum and hang it up. Don’t leave them lying around in the drum as this can make your clothes smell musty and moldy. The result is that you have to wash the laundry again because it no longer smells good.

How do clothes dry well?

After the clothes are removed from the drum, they need to be hung up. This is an essential step because it is not uncommon for clothes to smell good straight out of the washing machine, but then the smell fades away. This means that some mistakes were made during the drying phase.

A common mistake is the way clothes are hung. Too many items of clothing often hang together so that the sun’s rays are not absorbed properly. It is therefore advisable to hang as few items of clothing together as possible to leave as much space as possible.

You should also hang your clothes facing the sun as direct sunlight is able to release elements that create a good scent.

At the same time, you must remember that too long exposure to the sun can cause clothes to dry out and even lose the much desired pleasant scent and become rough.