Don’t waste your money on air conditioning! 50 cents is enough to cool your house instantly!

During the summer months, many people turn on their electrical appliances to keep the interior of their home as cool as possible. In this article we present you a very simple and inexpensive solution to have a super cool home without having to resort to air conditioning.

An air conditioner is certainly a very efficient device, but it is very expensive compared to using a fan. A fan remains a useful and effective device when used in optimal conditions. Otherwise it will lose its effectiveness. Generally, the fan does not cool the room but rather redistributes the air.

It is important not to turn on the fan beforehand, but only when you are in the room. If you do not follow these instructions, operating this device will become a real waste of energy.

You should also know that a fan is a useful ally when it comes to staying cool in hot weather. However, you should know that it is not necessary to turn on this device at temperatures above 33 degrees. This is because the displaced air becomes even hotter, with disastrous consequences.

How do you keep your home cool during these hot spells? Try this simple, inexpensive trick to enjoy cool air from your fan even when temperatures are high. For just 50 cents you can get a super cool house.

Here’s a wonderful trick to cool your home for just 50 cents!

If you don’t have air conditioning, just a fan to cool you down in the long summer months, you’ve come to the right place. We offer you the ideal solution to make optimal use of your fan even at temperatures above 35 degrees.

This trick consists of achieving intense freshness in a short time using ice cubes. To do this, connect your fan to a pipe and place a plastic bottle at the outlet of the pipe. Then attach the hose with the bottle opening to the fan with rubber bands.

The other end of the tube is inserted into a container with a few ice cubes. Don’t forget to drill the holes for inserting the pipes into the ice tray.

Now turn on your fan and you will have a very cool environment in a few seconds thanks to the effect of the ice cubes. It is a powerful, practical and very economical solution.