4 hotel ideas for a spotless bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house most affected by bacteria and germs. That’s why it needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to avoid possible health problems.

You’re probably wondering what hoteliers do to keep their bathrooms so sparkling clean that they make you want to stay in them all day. Well, today you will discover the amazing tricks that hotels use to keep their bathrooms spotless. Put them into practice now to ensure that your home is clean and perfect too.

Clean toilets with natural products

Toilets need to be cleaned regularly to ensure hygiene and health. You don’t need to use harmful chemicals to disinfect and clean them thoroughly. All you need is 3g baking soda, 2g lemon juice and 10ml warm water. Mix these 3 ingredients and pour the resulting mixture into the toilet. Leave on for a few minutes and rub in with a brush. Flush and voila, your toilet will be clean, tidy and smelling!

Clean toilet fittings

Don’t forget to clean the toilet brush, which is full of dirt, bacteria and germs. To do this, add some baking soda, vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid to the brush holder. Soak the brush in this solution for about 5 minutes and then rinse it with clean water. White vinegar is a perfect substitute for baking soda for cleaning toilets and bathrooms.

Shower cleaning

The shower is an area that requires almost daily maintenance to avoid the accumulation of limescale and mold. In fact, it can help you avoid a big, drawn-out cleanup. To restore the shine to your shower, prepare this natural cleaner by mixing equal parts water and white vinegar. Apply this solution in the shower and rinse with lukewarm water after leaving it on for a few minutes.

Wash windows and mirrors

When windows and mirrors are not cleaned properly, dust and dirt residue builds up on the surface and forms invasive halos. To make them clean and shiny, use rubbing alcohol or baking soda. Take a microfiber cloth and soak it with some rubbing alcohol. Wipe the mirror or glass with the cloth and the shine will return!