4 tips from grandmothers to eliminate moths from your cupboards

Small inconveniences in your home can become big problems, but with simple and effective reflexes, you can overcome them. This is particularly the case for moths which settle in your wardrobe and wreak havoc on your clothes. The culprits are the larvae, small white worms with black heads that feed on clothing such as wool or cashmere.

These tiny rodents can invade your closets, furniture and clothes. They like dark corners but also live under carpets and in curtains. Discover a tip to remedy these pests and get rid of them for good.

How to eliminate moths?

Clean, vacuum and apply vinegar

If moths are already well established in your cupboards, you can follow these tips to get rid of these pests. First, it is essential to thoroughly clean your closets and clothes. Wash these and clean all your cabinets from top to bottom. If you have clothes with sensitive fabrics, you can place them in an airtight bag and put them in the freezer before washing. For your cupboards, vacuum all exposed surfaces and wipe with a sponge or cloth with white vinegar diluted in water. Moths should not resist this treatment.

To prevent the proliferation of moths in your home and cupboards, you can use these natural plants which will act as natural moth repellents.

Mint and cloves

Mint and cloves give off a strong odor which scares away these insects, they are good natural repellents. Use mint in the form of leaves, essential oils or even alcohol. Cloves can also be used in your closets and other storage areas in your home to naturally repel moths due to their odor.

Lavender or thyme

The smell of thyme and lavender also acts against the appearance of moths. Place small sachets of dried lavender or thyme in your cupboards to fight moths. The persistent odor of these plants is not at all appreciated by these pests.

Bay leaf and rosemary

You can use moth repellent plants like bay leaf or rosemary which are not really appreciated by moths. To use their moth-fighting benefits, dry bay and rosemary leaves and place them in a small cloth bag. You can also use lemon which will repel moths with its acidic smell. You can place the peels of this citrus fruit in your cupboards and in areas where moths can settle.

Prevent the appearance of moths

Use this tip to ward off and prevent the appearance of these little insects with  cedar wood. In fact, its strong odor drives away moths at high speed. To use cedar wood as a natural moth repellent, place it in places where moths usually settle, such as your cupboards and other surfaces in your home. The smell will repel pests and you will see immediate results. If you are moving or if you want to get rid of moths permanently, you can also adopt cedar furniture which repels moths naturally.

Moths tend to settle in the cupboards of your home and create their nests where there are food scraps or in areas where you store your textiles. To prevent their proliferation, it is important to regularly ventilate these spaces.