6 tips for repairing a zipper on a jacket

We’ve all been in this situation at least once: the zipper of a jacket seems stuck and we have difficulty moving it. Well, there are some solutions that can make a faulty zipper work. Before you go to a professional tailor to change the zipper on your favorite jacket, here are some tips you should know to repair it and avoid tearing it.

How to repair a zipper?

Before repairing zippers, you must first identify the problem.

  • Zipper opens all the time 

If the zipper opens frequently, simply use pliers to tighten the slider on the teeth. Open the zipper completely and use long-nose pliers to tighten the slider clevis which is the main part of the slider that contacts the slide, pressing on either side of the zipper. Replace the zipper and tighten the zipper rails if necessary.

  • Zipper teeth are broken 

In the event of missing teeth on the slide, several scenarios are possible. If the missing teeth are at the top or bottom of the zipper, you can repair your zipper. It involves embroidering a stop to replace the missing tooth. If the teeth are on top, place the cursor below the missing teeth and if they are on top, place it at the bottom. Using a thread and needle, make overlapping stitches to create a thick seam and secure the slider. These points must demarcate the start and end of the zipper.

  • Zipper teeth close with difficulty and slowly

If you are having trouble sliding your zipper, it may be due to worn teeth. You need to lubricate the zipper to make the movement easier. Use petroleum jelly, candle wax or lip balm to make the teeth close faster.

  • Zipper teeth are crooked

If the zipper teeth are crooked, you need to straighten them. To do this, use fine forceps and return each tooth to its position while holding the tissue.

  • The slider pull is torn off

If the slider tab is torn off, you need to replace it. Pass a key ring through the zipper location to raise and lower the closure.

Also, remember to always zip up your clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

  • The zipper is torn from the zipper 

If the zipper is torn off! There is a simple trick to put it back in place, you can follow the method described in the diagram below: