How to whiten yellowish clothes

It is normal for your laundry to yellow as it ages. However, it is always possible to recover your white shirt as it ages. Discover invaluable tips for reclaiming your clothes and making them pristine. These methods are simple and will only take a little time.

You have reason to rejoice since it is possible to recover your tarnished or yellowed clothes from being used. Fans of the D system know these techniques will allow you to make them white as snow!

There are natural methods to keep your clothes for a long time

Even if you are very careful not to damage your clothes by knowing the correct washing procedures, it can happen that they turn yellow and become unwearable. Good news: you won’t have to throw them away since there are methods to return your laundry to its original color. The ingredients you’ll need to use to save them are within reach of the kitchen! You will avoid expensive laundry costs with these effective tips using these natural household products to restore your clothes to their former splendor.

1. White vinegar

If the washing machine is no longer sufficient to restore the whiteness of your clothes, this method is formidable. And that goes for your towels and sheets, too. To get rid of this stubborn and unsightly coloring, have you thought about white vinegar? If the stains concern parts of the fabric, just dab them with this acidic solution and devilishly effective for the home. Then let it sit for up to two hours and carry out a normal wash.

2. Lemon

Known for its whitening properties, lemon is a citrus fruit of choice for your laundry. For this System D preparation, you will need 2 grams of salt and the juice of 2 lemons. You can also replace the salt with baking soda, also known for its ability to whiten fabrics. Mix all these ingredients in lukewarm water which you will put in a basin for express hand washing.

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Lemon and salt are magic for finding white and bright laundry Source: BUT Blog 

3. Oxygenated water

This chemical is often recommended to remove the yellowed appearance of textiles. However, it is imperative to dilute this liquid so as not to damage them. To use it, mix one part hot water and half hydrogen peroxide in a basin. Let the garment or laundry sit there for only a few minutes before washing and finally rinsing. A clever method that will allow you to regain whiteness in no time.

4. Marseille soap

It’s no wonder that housewives of yesteryear used it for everything! Marseille soap, which can also help you sleep, is highly detergent and will allow you to find snow-white clothes! You just need to scrupulously follow this tip. Start by soaping the fabric before letting it sit in the product for an hour. In a sink or basin, scrub vigorously. All you have to do is rinse and dry to see the amazing result. If your fabrics are large like a quilt or sheets, you can make your own whitening detergent. Grate 150 grams of this soap which you will mix with a cup of soda crystals. Pour this preparation into 3 liters of water that you have brought to the boil. Mix these products and let this improvised detergent cool in an airtight bottle. All you have to do is place this liquid in the reservoir dedicated to laundry liquid. Activate the machine!

5. Eggshell

Don’t throw them away! They can be formidable for your clothes even if it seems surreal. To use it, you have to put them in small pieces in a sock that you have tied. Be sure to only fill it halfway before placing it in the drum of your washing machine. We owe this power to the high level of calcium in the shells.

6. Powdered milk

To give your clothes a second life, there’s nothing like a little dehydrated milk. So mix this product with water and soak your laundry in this mixture. For the results to be more impressive, dry your clothes in the sun. This tip is also valid with classic milk provided that you soak it for an hour in this drink.