4 tips to eliminate bad odors from toilets

Unpleasant odors in the toilet? Don’t worry! Here are 4 effective methods to remove bad odors from toilets.

Matches still have a bright future ahead of them. In fact, if they are always used to light candles or cigarettes, they can also be used in other ways.

Why do toilets smell bad?

  1. Feces or urine can accumulate in the toilet bowl and cause an unpleasant odor.
  2. Bacteria and germs in feces and urine can also contribute to unpleasant odors.
  3. Pipes and drains can become clogged, which can cause a bad odor.
  4. If the toilet is not cleaned regularly, dirt and dust can accumulate and cause a bad odor.
  5. Some people use chemicals to clean toilets, which can leave an unpleasant chemical odor

How do you remove bad odors from toilets?

The match trick

Unfortunately, the bad odors that may emanate from the toilet do not disappear immediately. To mask them, we immediately think of an industrial air freshener even if it is composed of chemicals. On the other hand, a simple match can perform the same role, in the space of a few seconds.

Match holder

If you have a persistent bad odor, light a match before flushing it down the toilet. Therefore, smoking should mask the unpleasant odor. Of course, caution is still advised.

If the solution is so effective, it is because the match, once broken, releases sulfur which will mask the bad odors that  emanate from the toilet .

Keep in mind that it is important not to throw away the match, as if the drain is already clogged, it could make the situation worse. So remember to wet it before throwing it in the garbage.

Bad odors emanating from the toilet are embarrassing, especially when the bathroom is clean. Here are some natural ways to get rid of it for sure:


A glass of bicarbonate of soda can not only help you to absorb bad odors from the toilet, but also fight limescale and hard water stains with its abrasive power a> . To do this, place a bowl full of baking soda in the room to neutralize the odor little by little. On the other hand, you can pour baking soda into the bottom of the bowl to remove traces of limescale and hard water while unclogging drains.


Woman holding lemon

When it comes to home maintenance, lemon is an excellent ally, but its usefulness goes far beyond. For good reason, it can also be useful against bad odors emanating from the toilet.

To use it, place some lemon slices on a plate and place it in an area of ​​the bathroom. Lemon will absorb bad odors and, at the same time, bring a fresher scent to your bathroom. To ensure that its effect lasts over time, remember to replace the lemon slices once a week.


Lavender essential oil

One of the main reasons behind bad odors in toilets is poor ventilation. However, it is possible to prevent it by using essential oils and their deodorizing properties. Their fragrance is not only as powerful as an air freshener, but it is also not harmful to your health. It is also a remarkable natural air freshener.

To use them for this purpose, you have two options. You can simply tap into their natural fragrance through an essential oil diffuser or soak cotton balls with the essential oil of your choice, then place them in each corner of the bathroom. Don’t hesitate to choose essential oils known for their disinfectant properties, such as peppermint, thyme, lemongrass or eucalyptus essential oil. If you wish, you can pour one into a spray bottle, adding lemon juice, white vinegar or baking soda, for ultra-deodorizing action.

With these tips, you will no longer have to use air fresheners that include chemicals to get rid of bad odors emanating from your toilet