How do you clean the iron?

The iron needs to be cleaned periodically, especially if you use it often. Otherwise, you risk dirtying the clothes to be ironed due to the accumulation of dirt and limescale and damaging the appliance. However, there are some tricks to clean your iron easily and cheaply. Find out which ones!

How do you clean the iron?

Clean the iron tank to remove limescale

One of these solutions is water and citric acid (one tablespoon of citric acid per half liter of water). Mix the water with the citric acid in a cup and pour the mixture directly into the iron compartment reserved for water. Then the steam is activated and the water is discharged. Remember to use a container to receive it.

This way, you can remove all the dirt that settles inside the iron every time you use it. Once the inside has been cleaned, the next step is cleaning the outside of the device and the sole which we will see.

Clean the sole of the iron

Dishwasher tablets


Cleaning the outside of the iron can be done simply, quickly and economically. To clean the sole of the iron, take a dishwasher tablet and rub it directly on the area to be treated, paying particular attention to the blackened parts, you will notice that the latter disappear slowly and without effort. You can use it on dry or wet soles.

Once this process is complete, dry the appliance with a well-wrung microfibre cloth and you will find it shiny, clean, like new.

Iron: how to prevent the appearance of limescale?

The main problem caused by dirt deposited in the iron is water. By remaining inside the device, the water not only stagnates, but can also damage, over time, some components to the point of degradation of the device itself due to the limestone contained in it.

However, water is necessary for the iron to function properly. It is therefore advisable to use distilled water and avoid tap water which is loaded with limescale.

So, don’t forget that it is important to clean your iron periodically to prevent limescale build-up and ensure that it works properly