4 tips to organize your refrigerator: don’t waste more food

Check out these 4 tips to organize your refrigerator and ensure efficient storage. This way you will reduce food waste and avoid the risk of consuming expired products.

One of the 4 tips to organize the refrigerator well

Waste can be avoided by correctly preparing the shopping list in advance. That is, you have to make a list of the meals for the week and all the necessary ingredients. This way you will avoid spending money on unnecessary purchases.

Store by zone

Some foods can only be stored in a low temperature environment and others cannot. It is essential to know the right place for each food category.

Keep in mind that the door is the least cold area, unlike the bottom, which is colder. The lower shelves are colder than the upper ones.

What to put in the drawers

Place fresh fruits and vegetables only in the drawers so you can keep them fresh for as long as possible. One tip is to put a sponge in the drawers to attract moisture.

Another important tip is to separate the fruit and vegetables. This is because some varieties release ethylene, which helps vegetables ripen sooner.

What to put on the door?

The door is the least cold part of the refrigerator and is used to store water, soft drinks, alcohol and fruit juices.

What to put on top?

Put eggs, refined cheeses and sausages there. They are the foods that are consumed the most and that are sold out even before the best before date.

What should I put in the intermediate zone?

Put cooked foods, milk, fresh cheeses, fresh sausages, mozzarella, fresh cheeses and yogurts there.

And what should you put in the lowest area?

It is the ideal place to store fresh meat and fish.