Radiator odors: eliminate them once and for all

Bad odors from the radiator can cause a nauseating smell to spread throughout the house. This problem can reveal a system malfunction. So, solve the problem quickly with this tip.

Radiator odors: eliminate them once and for all

Accumulated dirt and dust can cause unpleasant odors in the radiator. If you still feel that unpleasant smell even after cleaning it, this is what you have to do:

Turn off the radiator and make sure it is cold;
Place damp cloths under the radiator to collect dirt;
Use a hair dryer to clean the back of the radiator;
Mix a little degreaser with water and soak a cloth in the solution;
Rub it and the bad smell should disappear.
How can I make sure the inside of the radiator is clean?

Follow these steps to the letter:

Place a basin under the valve;
Gently unscrew the valve to collect all the black water;
Once this is done, close it quickly;
Pour hot water into a jug and add a cup of white spirit vinegar and a teaspoon of Marseille soap flakes;
Melt the soap and transfer the mixture to each slot of the radiator;
Let it drain well and, when there are no more drops, it can be dried with a microfiber cloth.
Keep in mind that it is also important to empty the radiators as soon as the temperatures begin to drop. We recommend that you perform proper maintenance once a year.
This way you can easily reach the desired heating temperature, while avoiding breakdowns.