Lime at home: eliminate it once and for all with this trick

One of the most common domestic problems is limescale in the home, which tends to form in areas that come into contact with moisture. This is especially true in the bathroom. Find out how to quickly remove these unsightly deposits.

Limescale at home: eliminate it once and for all with this trick

There are two types of limescale buildup in the home. There is the superficial deposit that can be treated with a little soap and water, and the one that must be removed with a product twice as strong.

However, descaling products on the market do not usually give the expected results. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at all the solutions available on the Internet, but above all, trust grandma’s tricks to find cheap but effective alternatives.

Limescale in the home takes the form of a halo caused by hard water coming into contact with steel. These unsightly halos give the impression of poor sanitary conditions, even if you have previously made the effort to perform numerous treatments.

What is needed to remove limescale?

If you want to remove limescale from your house once and for all, you can use something you already have at home. It’s about aluminum foil.

All you have to do is moisten the aluminum foil before rubbing it against the annoying limescale. You have nothing to fear from the impact of aluminum foil on steel. There is no risk of scratching the surface if you rub the ball well over the chalky area.

Next, wipe with a microfiber cloth and you can say goodbye to the most stubborn lime stains. Simple and cheap, this descaling solution has been tested since the times of our grandmothers and continues to work miracles in our homes today.