4 tips to remove the smell of sweat from clothes

It smells like sweat, cold tobacco, roasting… It’s crazy how quickly our clothes can become impregnated with these strong perfumes, even if they are all clean. It won’t take long to stink up your nose! And admit it, it’s very embarrassing, especially when you’re surrounded by people and don’t have the opportunity to change. Some people discreetly spray themselves with perfume, but in reality this is not the best option as it results in a cocktail of rather unpleasant perfumes. In fact, everything happens during the wash: simply adding some deodorant allies can be a game-changer. Let’s take a closer look at these natural, cheap and practical tips!
Why do my clothes smell like sweat?
Bad smell of sweat
Of course it’s natural to sweat, we all are! But as you know, we are not all the same in this area. The intensity of the smell of sweat varies from person to person and unfortunately some are less fortunate than others. The culprit of the story is a bacteria called “ Staphylococcus hominis ”: it is he who causes this smell and tends to multiply under our armpits, its ideal refuge. Specifically, as soon as you start sweating after a sports session or under the sun, a complex phenomenon of decomposition occurs, which immediately causes this unpleasant and annoying smell. We try to hide it at all costs, but it is persistent. But in addition to the unpleasant smell, halos hang over our clothes. You need to act quickly because when these marks dry out, you are left with ugly yellowish stains that are more difficult to remove. So there is no secret, whether it is a dress with cotton sleeves or a microfiber shirt, as soon as sweat becomes noticeable, you need to wash your clothes as soon as possible. This is the only way to prevent bacteria from getting further into the tissue. So yes, sometimes it is a big challenge to neutralize those bad smells, but with the right washing methods, you will no longer be embarrassed.But with the right washing methods, you will no longer be embarrassed.But with the right washing methods, you will no longer be embarrassed.

How do you smell sweat from your clothes?
No need to empty your expensive bottle of perfume! Mainly because the perfume mixture doesn’t have the desired effect, it could smell even worse. The best thing is to treat the problem at the source with natural ingredients with remarkable deodorant properties. Here is a whole panoply, the effect of which is bluffing.

  1. Rosemary
    Yes, we are talking about this aromatic herb that flavors your cooked dishes. It may seem strange to you, but rosemary is so versatile that it solves a number of problems. And despite all odds, it actually has the potential to dispel that annoying smell of sweat on your clothes. Therefore, the advantage of this remedy is that it is reliable for anyone who sweats a lot and sweats acidic. And that, regardless of the season. If this is the case, you generally rely more on a wide range of fragrance or deodorant additives. Except that too many chemicals are never very healthy, both for the skin and for the environment. And above all, you only camouflage these smells, you don’t actually eliminate them! So if you are at it, using rosemary can be more fruitful if you use it properly.

How are you?

Prepare a bowl by filling it with hot water. Add as much rosemary as possible because the more effective it is, the more effective they are.
Then take a sponge, dip it in a little soap and in this water perfumed with rosemary.
Now all you have to do is rub off the sweat stains. This way, the suffocating smell is eliminated in no time. Stress-free, effortless and without spending a dime! Special mention: This grandmother’s remedy won’t completely fade your clothes!

  1. Baking Soda
    In addition to rosemary, you can also opt for baking soda, one of the most well-known household cleaners. Clap and deodorize at will, it is one of the home remedies you should always rely on!

How do I use it?

Mix a spoonful of baking soda with a glass of water.
Once the homogeneous paste is formed, apply it directly to the parts of the head that give off the bad smell.
Leave on all night for best results.
Why is this method really beneficial? Because this product does not require washing the garment to remove the smell of sweat. So you can use it in any emergency. All you need is to have something on hand to apply without being seen or known!

For your information
When washing in the washing machine, pour a spoonful of this white powder mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This duo will be useful for removing yellowish stains and completely dispelling inextinguishing odors.

  1. White vinegar
    Vinegar is also known for its cleaning and stain removing properties due to its acidity. As a bonus, it has a strong action against bad smells.https://c39ea50b74abdd4a29d55d0d356ec1d1.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.html

How are you?

Mix equal parts water and white vinegar.
Arm yourself with a spray bottle and apply this liquid to surfaces prone to sweat.
Leave on for 10 minutes and wash the garment as usual.

  1. Lemon
    Ah, of course this citrus is a go-to deodorant. You may not have guessed it, but lemons have some unexpected benefits in this area. It will not only eliminate the suffocating smell, but also prohibit stains and leave a delicate fresh scent. It is a perfect alternative to vinegar when you go out at home.

How are you?

Mix equal parts water and lemon juice.
Apply the mixture with a cloth or sponge to parts of the garment that do not have a good smell.
Only leave it on for a few minutes, otherwise it could alter the fibers of the fabric.
Then go to the laundry.
Why do my clothes continue to smell even after washing?
This is a burning question on the lips of many. It is true that it is terribly frustrating to remove the laundry from the basket and find a musty smell coming from it. But what happened? However, the stuff looks clean and the stains are no longer visible. Why does it smell so bad? Well, the causes are varied. And most of the time you are largely responsible for this setback!

The washing machine needs to be cleaned thoroughly
Are you so sure that you take care of your washing machine? Do you remember the last cleaning? Ouch, it’s been a while… So the mystery is solved! Don’t be too surprised: the dirtier and poorer the device, the more your clothes suffer. Between the stagnant water, the high limestone content, the bacteria crawling everywhere, the filters clogged with detergent residue and the settling mold… what more could you want? It’s normal that your laundry doesn’t smell like roses! But don’t worry, you don’t need to contact a professional to solve this problem. Save your money but take time to thoroughly clean your car. And do it regularly!

The laundry is not drying properly
Common Mistake: You probably find it more convenient to run a wash cycle in the evening. The machine switches off automatically and the linen is silently removed from the basket in the morning. Is this your ritual? Well that’s wrong, we have to do it differently! Excessive humidity quickly attracts bacteria, mold and bad smells. So, one tip, get naked as quickly as possible. And please leave the door open: your car absolutely needs to be ventilated to remove moisture. The same principle applies to drying. The drier your clothes are, the more you will avoid that annoying, musty smell. So don’t rush to remove it from the dryer or the pipe that is keeping it open.

NOTE: If using a dryer, select the “additional drying” cycle. And if you really want to iron your clothes while they’re still wet, do so immediately after removing them from the car.

A wash cycle not hot enough
The last plausible cause: perhaps the washing cycle itself that is programmed is not convenient enough to perfectly clean your clothes. Of course, if you’re used to setting a relatively low temperature, you’ll protect some delicate fabrics, but you won’t completely remove stubborn stains, especially sweat. Therefore, if you notice that the traces persist and the bad smell has not completely disappeared, opt for a long washing cycle at maximum temperature (subject to the instructions on the label, of course!). A little tip: add a few teaspoons of white vinegar to the laundry tray, it will give you a nice hand. If, on the other hand, your pieces are too delicate and need to be washed at 30 or 40 ° C, in this case you should opt for a stronger detergent that, of course, is suitable for low temperatures.