Hurry up with a freezer: 3 practical tips

The freezer is one of the essential appliances that is difficult to do without. Keeps our food safe and fresh for later use. On the other hand, it is also necessary to think about defrosting for efficiency reasons. But here’s the thing, your freezer doesn’t have an automatic defrost! Don’t worry, thanks to our advice, defrosting will be a walk in the park!
How do you defrost a freezer?
Pan method for draining the freezer

  1. Casserole
    This is a simple and quick defrosting method that can remove frost in just a few minutes. All you need is a pot and a little ‘water!

Of course, before you run out of freezer, you need to empty and clean it first. We are therefore obliged to act quickly if we do not want food to stay out too long and deteriorate. Fortunately, thanks to the composition of the pan, this is no longer a problem! Nothing could be easier.

How are you?

First, unplug the freezer. Make sure the device is turned off to avoid the risk of accidents;
Boil the water in a pot;
Place a towel thick enough on the freezer shelf;
Place the pot of boiling water on the towel. In this way you protect the coating of the device;
Close the freezer door. Das Givre will melt more quickly thanks to the steam that will escape from the end pan;
Then use a clean sponge to remove any remaining frost inside the appliance;
To finish, turn the appliance back on and put your food back inside.
And there you have it, you have just discovered an excellent defrosting method if you want this process to not take too long!

Note that it is advisable to place towels at the bottom of the device so that they can absorb the water that may come from defrosting. This way you minimize your efforts. This may seem restrictive, but it will allow you to do things neatly and correctly!

If you have a freezer with a drain hose, this is ideal! In this case, it is enough to collect the water that comes out through the drainage hole in a container.

  1. Fan or hairdryer
    The hair dryer technique
    One of the easiest ways to quickly break up frost is to use hot air. What’s better than a good hairdryer! Even a fan can do the trick, but it may take a little longer, especially if the room temperature in the kitchen is not high. The hairdryer is therefore the device to choose!

When pointing the hairdryer at the ice, make sure it does not come into contact with the water to avoid possible electric shock! In addition, avoid blowing hot air for too long as this could damage the hair dryer.

  1. Hot water or household alcohol
    Inspect the inside of your freezer
    The other solution we offer only works in cases where there is little frost. The technique is simple, it simply consists of removing the frost with a towel soaked in warm water. Note that you can also replace hot water with household alcohol.

Dear readers, choose the method you prefer and stop wasting time running out of your freezer