How do you shorten your seamless pants?

Ah, those last-minute impulse buys… You fell in love with a pair of trendy jeans at the store. And luckily it was the last model in stock in your size! But since you were in a hurry, you didn’t have time to try. Ouch, when you get home and wear it, you realize it’s too long, you just step on it! Damn, impossible to change. It’s not even a matter of parting with it, you have to shorten it. Yes but how? You don’t have a sewing machine at hand and prefer to avoid the tailor. A real problem! But no, don’t worry, there are other options available to you. In just a few minutes your jeans will fit perfectly. We show you how it works.
How do you make a hand hem?
Measure the seam of the jeans leg
Shortening a pair of pants isn’t always as complicated as you might think. It is also possible to make it excellent without the help of a sewing machine! Of course, some don’t even break their heads: they just have to make internal or external setbacks… And that’s all! Yes, except that this option is ideal if jeans are tight and tight. If it is large, the case is inevitably more challenging. In this case, you can use tape or iron. But it has to be said, it wouldn’t be permanent. However, to edge quickly, there is an easy method: you don’t have to be a sewing expert to achieve this.

How are you?

First of all, you need to take the measurement to decide how long you want your jeans to last.
You can do this in two ways: either wear jeans and mark with a needle (or cast) the desired point of the hem, or take the measurement by comparing it with one of your pants of the correct length.
Place them on top of each other to make the line of the new hem of the jeans.
Take the needle and thread: fold the pants up to the edge line positioned upside down on the line you drew.
From there, thread the needle to sew the jeans, overlaying the line drawn with the old hem.
The other way would of course still be to fold the bottom of the pants inwards and sew them. But it takes a lot of time and precision. Are you pretty clumsy and unfamiliar with the needle? Don’t worry, there is still a perfect solution.

How do you shorten jeans that are too long without seams?
A word of advice: avoid cutting jeans: many people do it, but one error in calculation is enough to cause irreparable damage. So don’t take this risk to avoid making it longer than expected! Finally, it is more common to simply make a fold at the bottom of the jeans without having to cut or sew them. However, this is not the best option: it can quickly become annoying and annoying and repeat this gesture often. A smart alternative? Yes, we found one on the Tik Tok network. On his behalf, a certain Kristina Kacheeva gives us interesting advice: the idea is to bend the bottom of the pants inwards and fold them outwards. This way your jeans will be shorter and most importantly they will stay in place. They no longer roll over with every movement. Very intelligent!

How do you make an invisible hem out of your pants by hand?
Materials for making the hem of the pants
Obviously, a poorly made hem can easily ruin the overall appearance of your pants. So you have to think about it before you start sewing tediously. On the other hand, if you choose an invisible edge, you risk less. But you have to do things right! In truth, there is nothing better than dealing with an invisible edge stitch: the invisible seams, especially on the front, immediately give a cleaner and more professional touch. And finally, it’s not difficult to sew.

Manual sewing requires a certain manual skill and patience: the points must be hidden in the fold of the hem and head so that they are truly invisible inside and out. If the fold is perfect and the hem doesn’t show any unsightly seams, this is a really good job. If you have a sewing machine, you must achieve the same result. The maneuver must be precise to also give the illusion that the hem was sewn by hand. When you make an invisible hem, from the inside it looks like a regular hand-sewn hem with a decorative stitch. When done perfectly without a false note, it is almost impossible to see the dots outside the head. What are the requirements for the machine? The zigzag stitching and the famous invisible edge stitch.And to think that once our grandmothers didn’t have the luxury of having a modern zigzag sewing machine, they got away with all kinds of pins. And with this, the most passionate people managed to sew invisible stitches without the slightest mistake!

Also, don’t forget to add at least 1.5 inches of seam allowance to sew the hem. If this is your very first experience, it’s better to try it on a drop first than on your precious jeans. And be careful, important rule, always use a color thread that matches your pants, or at least a darker color. Above all, avoid flashy colors that are visible from afar! To make a hem with the machine, an elastic thread is required to make the invisible edge point. If you don’t have the right equipment or doubt your abilities, do it manually and take your time.

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