5 Signs That There Are Bed Bugs in Your Home!

Bedbugs do not carry infectious diseases, but their bites are very unpleasant and can cause various health problems. Bedbugs can cause either an unpleasant itching or an allergic reaction, but after a while they can also cause stress and insomnia.

These symptoms may indicate that you have bed bugs!

1. Itchy red spots

Itchy red spots, rash-like bites, skin irritations on the face, arms, legs, chest or back, these symptoms can most likely be caused by bed bugs. Of course, e.g. the presence of fleas or an allergic reaction, but bites should not be ignored, as they can become inflamed over time, and if you also scratch them, they can even become infected. Check for bites, with bed bugs there are usually several in one place, either in a straight line or in a zigzag pattern. Some people are more sensitive to bites, so the reactions are much more intense, the itching is stronger.

2. Bloodstains or rust stains

Check for red stains on your clothes or bedding. If you lie on the bedbug during the bite, a trail of blood will remain. The rust-colored stain is bed bug droppings. Carefully examine the bed linen and the hardest-to-reach parts, such as mattress seams, springs, bed frame. Check the walls, wallpaper, upholstery, bed bugs can also leave droppings there.

3. Musty smell

Bed bugs have such powerful scent glands that if there are many of them in one place, they give off a noticeably unpleasant odor. If there seems to be a musty smell in the apartment, even if there is no mold anywhere, or if there is a strange musty smell, it is probably due to bed bugs.

4. “Armor” bug

When bed bugs grow, they shed their outer layer. That’s why, if you’re experiencing hard shells in your bed, around the bed, and even struggling with bites, then bed bugs have definitely moved in with you. It’s also worth checking the drawers and cabinet.

5. White debris on furniture, sofa

If you find white debris on the furniture, it may be bed bug eggs or eggshells. They are shaped like grains of rice, translucent, whitish or shiny. They are not very visible to the naked eye, but use a magnifying glass or flashlight to examine your mattress, bed frame, sofa and corners to prevent bed bugs from multiplying.