Mice in the house will remain a bad memory with this homemade trap

Having mice in the house is certainly one of the worst things that can happen, discovering their presence in the domestic environment is traumatic because the consequences are quite well known. 

These little animals are anything but adorable and friendly little friends  , especially because they settle everywhere to look for food. Getting them out in time, before they cause damage, is really difficult.

In winter especially as well as in autumn, they approach houses to seek warm shelter, perhaps with enough food to survive the cold season, and then leave again. Once they enter the home environment, they become a headache  because they eat furniture and carry diseases.

What happens if a mouse enters the house

Mice manage to penetrate even the smallest and most unthinkable spaces, thus compromising the hygiene and safety of the home because they carry diseases of all kinds, even dangerous ones. They leave feces and urine everywhere,  which is disgusting in itself, and they can even carry fleas.

Furthermore, to make matters worse, they reproduce quickly, for example a female mouse faces 5 to 10 litters per year and for each litter she gives birth to 10 mice. If this happens at home, it is a very big problem  because it is very difficult to get rid of. 

How to keep mice out of your home?

What we need to do is implement precautions that keep away all the animals in the world and therefore not just rats. First of all  you need to clean all surfaces well,  always using the right disinfectants, even vinegar can work.

You should definitely avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink because this way, although it may seem strange or exaggerated, you can attract mice and other small animals due to the stench and odors. To understand if they have been there, we must pay attention to  certain particular details that cannot escape the eye.

For example, in the presence of feces or crumbled paper or wood. Then of course you must never leave food of any kind open or placed on tables or furniture, in short within their reach and finally keep the waste tightly closed by blocking the  holes and cracks through which it could penetrate.

The cat and the litter box are the most effective solution against mice

If you love animals, you can adopt a cat, obviously not until you realize that having an animal at home, which is not a mouse,  means having a significant responsibility,  as well as a significant additional commitment. Cats are the most effective solution against mice because they allow them to be eliminated quickly and even deter them from settling in the house.

They naturally love to chase mice and eat them, so what’s better? Among other things, cat litter is an excellent natural repellent, although probably few people know this. Cat litter soiled with urine is a powerful repellent against mice because it  indicates the presence of a cat nearby  which you should try to keep away as much as possible.

Mouse trap: get rid of them without harming them

To keep mice away from the house, you need to do the following: take a basin, put film on it, cut a circle on it as large as the circumference of a can of animal food and pour a little wheat inside to attract the mouse. or mice.


At this point, build ramps that will be used by the mouse to access the trap. Once the trap is made, it should be placed near where you think the mice might be and move away, staying close to catch them in the act. . Once inside, it will be difficult for them to get out  , so it is advisable to act immediately and throw them as far away as possible.

Obviously, the choice of basin must be made based on  the number of mice you think you have in your house. The more numerous we think there are, the larger the container must be to accommodate them. Finally, it is a good idea to have something on hand that can be used to seal the pond  , protect the mice and prevent them from getting out during the trip.